At AWS re:Invent 2023, IBM and AWS launched the Amazon RDS for Db2 service allowing customers to move self-managed Db2 databases to the cloud through a bring-your-own-license model. Since then, we have been working with customers to accelerate strategic modernization initiatives and expand service features to meet application needs. Many customers have worked with us and AWS to use Amazon RDS for Db2, including Profile Centevo, a leading asset and fund management solutions provider, who was able to modernize three times faster thanks to adopting the service.  

As customers move workloads to the cloud, we want to help streamline operations and accelerate innovation. Today, we are excited to announce new Db2 Standard Edition and Db2 Advanced Edition consumption-based subscriptions available in the AWS Marketplace, allowing customers to pay for Db2 licenses at an hourly rate together with their Amazon RDS for Db2 deployment. Db2 consumption licenses provide a managed experience where one can scale the service usage on-demand and get instant access to the Db2 licenses for the new instance. Customers can use these licenses to support use cases such as: 

  • New application development: Get instant access to Db2 licenses as you create or expand your offerings across cloud-native applications, ERP and CRM applications, and new AI Assistants powered by data stored in Db2.  
  • Testing prior to launch: Create temporary environments to conduct various testing cases and ensure production readiness. 
  • Production workloads: Support unpredictable production workloads such as database systems launched for disaster recovery testing, validation exercises or during peak bursts. 
  • Flexible workloads: Use hourly metering for easy scaling to adapt license needs for uncertain workloads. 
“AWS customers are accustomed to hourly, pay-as-you-go billing options on all Amazon RDS engines. This is why we are excited to offer this licensing capability to our customers through AWS Marketplace. This option will provide a seamless experience for customers to purchase IBM Db2 licensing as part of Amazon RDS. Customers can now get started instantly, even if they do not already own a Db2 license, which will help address new or unpredictable workloads.”  – Dominic Preuss, General Manager, RDS Commercial Engines, AWS 

How to subscribe 

Get instant access to Db2 licenses by completing a subscription on the AWS Marketplace. From the RDS for Db2 instance creation page, select the AWS Marketplace license option and you will be guided to the AWS Marketplace listing to set up a subscription. Completing this is as simple as: 

  1. Select the Db2 edition you plan to deploy (Db2 Standard Edition or Db2 Advanced Edition) and choose the option for AWS Marketplace under License. 
  2. Complete the registration of the subscription with AWS and IBM. 
  3. Fill out the rest of the deployment configuration on the RDS for Db2 instance creation page and create your instance. 

All of the steps can be done by self-service, allowing you to move quickly and get to deploying your instance sooner. Once subscribed, all metering and billing is managed on the AWS platform to consolidate and simplify management. By using the subscription model, customers scale their licenses as needed and avoid over provisioning. 

Getting started 

Subscribe today to get your RDS for Db2 instance up and running in no time, or reach out to your seller if you’d like to discuss custom pricing. 

Interested in seeing a live demo with an IBM and AWS expert? Register for a demo consultation today.

Get started with IBM Db2 on Amazon RDS

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