December 12, 2017 By Steve Clay 2 min read

What’s included in the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI version 1.1.0

New features and fixes in version 1.1.0 of the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI.

Create a Project Integrated with IBM Cloud DevOps

The create command now optionally links your local project directly to a DevOps toolchain that either deploys to Cloud Foundry or to Kubernetes on the IBM Cloud.  This ties your local development into your tool chain so that you simply commit your changes in git to deploy an update to the IBM Cloud.

Use Docker Compose to Develop a Multi-Container Application

Containerized applications often have dependencies outside of the container itself.  This may include such things as a connection to a database hosted in another container, or a set of microservices that comprise a complete application.  With version 1.1.0 of the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI you can now build and runthis type of application using Docker compose yaml files specified in the cli-config.yml of your project.  Specific details can be found in the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI documentation.

Launch a Deployed Web Application with View

New in release 1.1.0 is the view command.  Run this command from your project directory to see the URL for the application and even to open up a tab on your default web browser to the deployed project.  The viewcommand displays applications deployed to Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes.

Access Local Containers with Shell

New in release 1.1.0 is the shell command.  Run this command from your project directory to shell into the run or tools containers, or specify another by name.  Additionally, with shell you can execute commands within the container similar to executing commands through ssh to a running host.  More details can be found in the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI documentation.

Improved Create Interaction

The prompts for the create command are streamlined in this release.  You now choose the type of application you are creating (mobile or otherwise), the language you would like to use, and a starter kit that is available for the combination of choices you’ve selected.  Additionally, the starter kits selection has a Show more details selection that adds more verbose descriptions of the starter kits.

Usability Improvements

This release adds various usability improvements to existing commands.  Prime examples are the --traceflag for both enable and create, and the deploy command now displays the application URL after a successful deployment.

Start developing your cloud native applications with IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI today!  Create a new project or enable an existing one and enjoy a stream-lined developer experience to get your applications on the IBM Cloud.

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