January 15, 2018 By Chad Williams 4 min read

Welcome aboard Bosch, Coalesce.info and TradeIt!

During 4Q17, we added three new 3rd party services to our growing partner ecosystem on the IBM Cloud platform. From IoT to A.I. to wealth management, we’re adding more services to give you, our developers, the services you need for build compelling digital solutions.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

Bosch Software Innovations

Bosch IoT Rollouts, a cloud service of the Bosch IoT Suite, helps you manage and control software updates for IoT devices. This Bosch service allows you to manage and control software updates on constrained edge devices, as well as on more powerful controllers and gateways.

Your devices can connect to the Bosch IoT Rollouts server either directly through an optimized interface or indirectly through federated device management servers. The service can be found under the Internet of Things category in the IBM Marketplace and the IBM Cloud catalog. Key features of Bosch IoT Rollouts are:

  • Reliable and scalable software and firmware provisioning system for IoT.

  • Enables software and operating system updates for IoT gateways (typically, though not necessarily, running Linux) and firmware updates for embedded devices connected via cable or over the air (OTA).

  • Supports the following use cases: direct software updates, large scale rollout/campaign management, reporting, audit logging and rollout monitoring.

  • Designed from the beginning as a cloud service with a focus on scalability, security, integrity, and cost efficiency.

  • Various device integration options with open interfaces and flexible data models.

  • Support for IoT application integration.

  • Support for arbitrary device management and IoT connectivity services integration (e.g. IBM Watson IoT Platform).

  • Based on open source and fully API compatible with Eclipse hawkBit™.

Updating software (components) on constrained edge devices, as well as on more powerful controllers and gateways, is a common requirement in most IoT scenarios. For example, auto manufacturers need to securely and efficiently schedule and organize software updates transmitted to millions of connected vehicles in a carefully managed fashion, without having to bring the vehicles into a workshop. White goods manufacturers need to remotely send updates to batches of thousands of washing machines and dryers, thus providing consumers with access to the latest updates, services and offerings – including convenient options such as the automatic ordering of detergent. Bosch IoT Rollouts was developed right from the beginning as a fully managed cloud service that targets precisely these kinds of large-scale use cases.


Leverage the power of machine learning to scale your compliance monitoring and risk analysis!

Coalesce for Risk and Compliance Monitoring is a unique artificial intelligence product that uses IBM Watson to search for signals tailored to your risk analysis and compliance monitoring.

Risk and compliance professionals use a wide variety of tools to understand risks inherent in their customers, prospects, partners and investments. Coalesce.info uses IBM Watson to read through millions of articles and return a relevant set of results in seconds.  It’s like a “smart search engine” that constantly learning and improving from you based on your deep knowledge and expertise.

Global financial services firms use Coalesce to profile tens of thousands of public and private companies in a fraction of the time and cost required by a team of analysts. You can test drive Coalesce with a predefined set of risk Alerts on a sample set of Fortune 500 companies.

With a subscription, you can upload and monitor your own companies and define custom Alerts tailored to your business use.  Based on a “pay-per-use” model, you only pay for the volume that you use.


TradeIt is a financial ecosystem that builds, manages, distributes and innovates with the API services for the top Financial Institutions, globally. In short, it powers online wealth. Check out the TradeIt listing on the IBM Cloud platform.

TradeIt understood that consumers were increasingly engaged on apps and social networks for the business of their lives. TradeIt brings the top Financial Institutions’ customer journey – account opening, account management and securities trading – to the apps where the action happens in a safe, secure and compliant way. TradeIt stands alone in addressing the unique needs of top asset managers and investment firms with unique compliance, security and data compliance requirements and is a leader in providing top retail investing financial institutions API management.

The TradeIt technology enables financial institutions to tap into TradeIt’s massive distribution network of over 120 apps, including Y! Finance, Bloomberg, Stocktwits and more. Supporting equities, ETFs, options, FX and digital currencies, TradeIt’s platform enables a variety of retail investors to access and engage easily with their brokerage accounts.

TradeIt is a financial ecosystem enabling partners to add portfolios and trading, via SDK or API. Yahoo Finance did just this. Millions of investors come to Yahoo Finance on their mobile devices to track their portfolios and stay up-to-date with news. Users can now make trades directly via the app. Yahoo Finance’s app is now more engaging as investors can take action. Users have the ability to sync their brokerage portfolios and digital currency wallets with their Watchlists, taking advantage of the power of Yahoo Finance. Users can initiate a trade with a tap of a button, from any quote page or watchlist. They sign-in on their selected broker screen, view their synced account in real-time, and execute orders.

Most major brokerage firms are accessible. Order communications are passed directly to the user’s broker, who is responsible for execution. TradeIt and its partners (e.g. Yahoo) do not retain users’ brokerage credentials, rather the data stays with the financial institution.

Be sure to check out these latest 3rd party services on the IBM Cloud platform. You can sign up now to start building on IBM Cloud for free with no time restrictions!

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