We are happy to roll out three new updates to IBM Mobile Foundation

Option to use PostgreSQL

Mobile Foundation on IBM Cloud provides an enterprise-class platform to build and deploy mobile apps. This service requires an instance of Db2 on Cloud which was created and billed separately. In addition to DB2, we are now supporting Compose for PostgreSQL as a database for Mobile Foundation. PostgreSQL offers cheaper plans for hosting the database required for running Mobile Foundation and scales automatically based on the data needs. The following table gives a comparison of the entry plans for DB2 and PostgreSQL:


Using PostgreSQL will reduce the monthly cost incurred toward database for running Mobile Foundation. Please refer to PostgreSQL and DB2 for the latest pricing.

Users who want to migrate data from Db2 to PostgreSQL have to export data from Mobile Foundation and import in the new PostgreSQL database. Please consult these steps for details.

Addition of mobile analytics capabilities

IBM Mobile Analytics was previously available as a standalone service which provided insights into how your app was performing, but we have now added the capabilities to Mobile Foundation, thereby providing them at the same cost. Users of Mobile Foundation can now enable Analytics for their apps without the need to provision a separate Analytics instance on IBM Cloud. Mobile Analytics has been deprecated.

Support for React Native

React Native is a popular framework for building cross-platform mobile apps.  In addition to support for other frameworks like Cordova, Ionic, and Xamarin, we are happy to announce support for React Native. Developers can now use the SDK to build react based mobile apps for Mobile Foundation.

Get started today with React SDK

Go ahead and try these exciting new updates to power your mobile apps.


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