Despite decades of progress in database systems, builders have compromised on at least one of the following: speed, reliability, or ease. They have two options: one, they could get a document database that is fast and easy, but can’t be relied on for mission-critical transactional applications. Or two, they could rely on a cloud data warehouse that is easy to set up, but only allows lagging analytics.

Even then, each solution lacks something, forcing builders to deploy other databases for everything from text search and log analytics, to caching and location data. The result?  More systems equals more costs, complexity, and data integration.

With SingleStoreDB, customers don’t need to compromise.

Our latest innovations underscore our focus on outcomes that matter to customers including speed, reliability, and ease.

New in SingleStoreDB with IBM 8.0:

The capability to search Universal Storage column stores is now supported for JSON. Your teams can achieve better throughput and response times when trying to find JSON data in a column. This significantly accelerates SingleStoreDB analytics for semistructured data, bolstering SingleStore’s existing multimodel capabilities beyond structured (relational, geospatial, and time series) and unstructured data (text).

Distributed SQL delivers improved performance for string encoded transactions:

  • Recursive Common Table Expressions (CTEs) are added. Recursive CTEs enable a CTE to reference itself, which makes writing queries on hierarchical data simpler and reduces round trips between the application and database. Users can run graph data and tree expansions with a single SQL statement.
  • C, C++, and Rust development is improved. WebAssembly (Wasm) enables developers to move application logic close to the data by using SQL. It helps them avoid loading huge data sets into the application and makes it easier to port code libraries or routines (in C, C++, or Rust) into SingleStoreDB. Developers can focus on application logic instead of writing query logic in the application tier. SingleStoreDB 8.0 expands support for Wasm in both cloud and self-managed deployments, broadening availability of this key feature.
  • Python and Laravel development is improved. Python and Laravel are among the most popular tools used by developers to build modern, near real-time applications. The new Python client is faster than PyMySQL and MySQLdb. The SingleStoreDB Laravel driver plug-in helps web developers accelerate PHP development with Laravel at hyperscale.

SingleStore makes real-time decision making a reality

The market is demanding databases be able to store more data, and access it with lower latency and higher throughput. This performance and data capacity requirement is often combined with a desire for flexible data access. These access patterns can range from low-latency, high-throughput writes for real-time data loading, and deduplication to efficient batch loading and complex analytical queries over the same data.

Built on a modern, lock-free cloud-native architecture, SingleStore can process queries with extremely low latency, while scaling access to tens or hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. The ability to ingest millions of events per second with ACID transactions while running complex analytical queries on that data in real time means that as workloads grow, SingleStore can easily scale up to meet demand without complex application rewrites or data migrations.

Common Use Cases for SingleStoreDB

Operation Analytics: SingleStore helps you deliver fast, scalable reporting and analytics across your operational data — including streaming, real-time and historical data. With SingleStore you can meet the toughest service-level agreements using distributed, lock-free ingestion and real-time query processing.

Dashboard Acceleration: SingleStore delivers fast data ingestion and extreme query performance for every data workload. Whether you are looking to speed up existing dashboards, or build new data applications and analytics, SingleStore provides the performance and scale for high concurrent-user access. 

Fraud and Anomalies: Most organizations are struggling to keep up with the influx of data or to access it when it matters. Ingesting and analyzing machine, sensor or application data delivers more value in real time. With SingleStore, you can continually monitor and detect fraud and anomalies.

IOT Analytics: As always-on devices and sensors proliferate, their data must be immediately ingested and actionable — and the infrastructure behind each IoT app is powered by a real-time database. SingleStore supports fast ingest and concurrent analytics for sensor systems, delivering instant and actionable insights.

The IBM and SingleStore partnership: Better together

The IBM and SingleStore partnership promises to be a value add and win for the customer. IBM enhances the SingleStore experience through added service centralization, facilitated integrations, support and consultancy services, and specialized warranty programs.

Start building your modern data architecture today!

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