January 29, 2021 By Sahej Thapar < 1 min read

We are announcing a price increase for the new Enterprise Plan for Db2 on Cloud that takes effect January 20, 2021.

We are constantly investing our efforts to improve our services, and this required price increase helps to ensure continued service and a level of satisfaction that we are proud to provide.

Part numbers and services affected by this change:

  • D02GTZX — IBM Db2 on Cloud Enterprise Instance – Hour Pay per Use: From $0.63 to $1.30/Instance hour
  • D02GUZX — IBM Db2 on Cloud Enterprise Compute 10 Virtual Processor Core – Hour Pay per Use: From $1.93 to $3.00/VPC Hour

Our team will be reaching out to you if you are impacted by this change.  

Learn more about IBM Db2 on Cloud.

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