New Lite Plan for Mobile Analytics on IBM Cloud

Mobile Analytics on IBM Cloud helps  app developers & business stakeholders gain insights on app performance and usage.

IBM Cloud Lite Account is a free account that never expires. With lite account, user can access select services with specified caps.

We are pleased to announce the addition of new Lite plan to Mobile Analytics on IBM Cloud. With this addition, lite account users can now leverage the service and send & analyze upto 50K events per month free of cost. The limit is reset every month. This is great for POC’s and evaluation purposes. If you need to use Mobile Analytics in production you can easily upgrade to the basic plan.

Key Capabilities of Mobile Analytics :

  • User Insights – Number of application users with distinction between new and active users

  • Session Insights – Number of application sessions

  • Network Insights – Application average network response count & time. Breakdown per HTTP end point & API’s

  • Crash Analytics – Number and percentage of crashes, crash logs

  • Troubleshooting – View client application logs with download option

  • Alerts – Define metrics and trigger alerts when metrics cross thresholds

  • Custom Charts – Capture custom events and build custom charts to visualize the data

  • Web Analytics – Capture insights on web apps along with mobile apps

  • Export – Configure a DB2 Warehouse service instance and export Mobile Analytics data into it for extended business analytics combining other enterprise analytics data

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