April 2, 2019 By IBM Cloud Team < 1 min read

IBM Cloud is the first major cloud provider to globally deploy advanced Cascade Lake platforms for both bare metal and virtual server infrastructure.

Intel’s next generation of compute microarchitecture delivers the high level of performance required by today’s enterprise workloads, especially benefiting the most demanding applications, including high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). The new processor incorporates a performance-optimized multi-chip package which delivers up to 1.33x average performance improvement over Gold Skylake CPUs. This also enables the use of Intel’s Optane™ DC persistent memory (especially valuable for in-memory compute SAP workloads) in future IBM Cloud offerings. An additional layer of hardware-enhanced security measures inside the Cascade Lake platform further secures data, software, and cloud applications across the entire IBM Cloud stack. To try IBM Bare Metal Servers and Virtual Servers, click here.

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