devops.automation is a software delivery platform with five core components and open connections to large language models (LLM) and artificial AI that’s designed to help you scale and accelerate the delivery of applications, AI and integrations across a business.

The core components of devops.automation include support for: planning and managing projects quickly and easily; creative tools to model and code with real-time generation and build applications; AI vision and AI pattern analysis to minimize the effort of testing; intelligent delivery gates to deploy applications and updates faster and with less risk; actionable insights from your complete delivery toolchain that will help accelerate your time to value and ensure governance and auditability across your entire software delivery lifecycle.

Why devops.automation?

  • Trusteddevops.automation helps to deliver software fast and governed. IBM® brings all your software development and delivery datasets together, which makes it easy to get a single source of truth for regulatory and audit reporting.
  • Extensive: devops.automation is designed to run on and deploy to all IBM technologies including OpenShift®, IBM Cloud®, Z® and Power® Likewise, it integrates with IBM applications including Instana®, API Connect®, Ansible®, Liberty®, watsonx™, Envizi™ and many more. And of course, it is supported on all common non-IBM technologies including AWS and Azure; and integrates out of the box with all common development tools including Jira, Jenkins, git, Slack Servicenow and many others.
  • Empowering: devops.automation improves the delivery experience for all stakeholders—both business and technical. By automating repeatable tasks and applying optional AI where appropriate, it lets individuals and teams focus on the creative tasks that bring value.

Achieve business objectives faster with devops.automation

  • Create competitive advantage: Apply intelligent automation to an enterprise’s existing toolset to enhance productivity, accelerate issue resolution and enable more frequent deployment of AI, software, applications and integrations.
  • Scale software delivery: Utilize a single source of software delivery data as the foundation for extending AI and automation across all your software delivery processes. Implement intelligent governance, simplify access to virtualization and automate repetitive tasks to enhance efficiency.
  • Improve productivity: Utilize DevOps data from across the delivery lifecycle and all stakeholders for comprehensive insights. Integrate seamlessly with existing investments in IBM platforms and applications to enhance speed, governance, cost-effectiveness and the timely production of quality applications, AI and integrations.

One platform, five components

  1. Plan and manage projects easily: Identify, create and manage activities using generative AI.
  2. Create solutions from one datastore: Design solutions and model architecture with real-time code generation.
  3. Test your software with minimum effort: Understand and predict the reliability of your software.
  4. Deploy applications and updates using intelligent gates: Deliver anywhere, fast and with less risk.
  5. Accelerate time to value and govern entire software delivery lifecycle: Analyze your delivery flow and get actionable insights

Unlock your DevOps productivity with AI assistance.

AI assistants are pre-built applications powered by the LLM and foundation model of your choice. 

  • devops.automation is compatible with open and proprietary foundation models, driving flexibility in LLM integration.
  • Simple integration and utilization without requiring expert knowledge, facilitating various delivery activities and processes.
  • Out-of-the-box capabilities include intelligent workflow automation and insight into delivery risks and bottleneck resolutions.

Join other companies on their software delivery journey with devops.automation

Rabobank has been able to accelerate the delivery of application updates while promoting good quality code is promoted through our development lifecycle. Our deployments have accelerated from weeks to hours with improved visibility for both developers and IT ops staff. This has helped to free staff to deliver more value to the business.

  • 15x faster testing
  • From 2 annual releases to 40 go-live releases per day
“These are all now working in the same environment, the same versioning mechanism, working on one consistent result. And that’s I think one of the core messages of DevOps…This is certainly running our business smoother.” Ralph Van Beek, DevOps Architect, Rabobank

Daimler Trucks needed to replace its fragmented and slow application development and deployment process to meet the increasing demand for IT applications. They successfully implemented a DevOps application delivery model and developers now manage their applications from coding to automated deployment and rollback.

  • Increased deployment by 94%, saving 3000 hours.
  • Reduced deployment time from 1 hour to as little as 4 minutes
“Our clients are innovators and IBM DevOps Automation is enabling them to deliver reliable and secure software as fast as possible. Efficient software delivery is essential for modernizing the applications that run our businesses, and that people and researchers depend on daily. Software matters, therefore, the efficiency of software delivery matters and that is why IBM DevOps Automation is so important for our clients.” Sebastian Krause, SVP and Chief Revenue Officer, IBM

Take the next step

Improve your productivity, reduce business risk and deliver applications faster using generative AI and automation.

  • Request a demo: Experience devops.automation and see core capabilities with a free demo.
  • Arrange a briefing: Discussion and custom demonstration of IBM devops.automation point-of-view and capabilities. Understand how devops.automation can be leveraged to improve the efficiency in your AI, software , application and integration deliveries.
  • Run a pilot: devops.automation pilot developed with IBM devops.automation approved engineers. Prove devops.automation value for the selected use case(s) with a plan for adoption.

Want to get involved or keep up to date?

Join the IBM devops.automation community Visit devops.automation for more information:

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