September 7, 2023 By Chris Bailey 2 min read

When IT experiences downtime, it can cost the business. In fact, a single IT incident can impact multiple business processes, result in poor customer experiences and cost organizations millions of dollars. In fact, an IDC survey found that the most common estimate for an hour of downtown for a revenue-generating service was between $100,000–$249,999. [1]

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organizations must manage an ever-increasing volume of performance incidents and outages against an increasingly wide range of technologies and complex set of environments. Traditional, ticket-based incident response processes may not be fast enough to meet the business’s demands. Businesses need a new approach—one that can help accelerate response times and leverage automation and artificial intelligence (AI) for incident remediation.

What is required to accelerate response times?

We need to move beyond current AIOps-based capabilities that rapidly detect and identify problems and extend the use of AI and automation to help reduce the time it takes to diagnose and address those incidents. While the concepts of “autonomics” and “self-healing” systems have been an enduring goal across the industry, it is only now with the arrival of foundation-model and generative-AI technologies that it may be possible to turn those promises into practice.

What is IBM Intelligent Remediation?

We are pleased to introduce a new way to help accelerate incident remediation with IBM Intelligent Remediation. This new capability is planned for use with both IBM Instana and IBM AIOps Insights. It also leverages IBM watsonx solutions to guide and automate incident remediation by providing operations teams with recommended actions to diagnose and remediate the incident, along with the ability to execute those actions using automation tools like Red Hat® Ansible®.

IBM Intelligent Remediation is designed to provide out-of-the-box automation tools, and it leverages IBM watsonx Code Assistant for assisted tailoring and creation of additional remediation and diagnostic data collection actions. The solution addresses the need for operations teams to be subject matter experts across every technology they support. With Intelligent Remediation, industry knowledge is derived from experienced industry sources, enhanced with analysis of incidents and customized based on the actions of your own operations teams.

IBM Intelligent Remediation presents options and automation tools to implement those actions, enabling operations to rapidly address incidents and accelerate response times.

Learn more about Instana’s Intelligent Remediation capabilities in detail

[1] Source: IDC AIOps and Observability Survey Results – Leadership drives trust and expansion. January 2023. Doc # US50059623.

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