IBM Cloud for VMware with SAP is the only Cloud providing automated delivery of VMware SDDC with secure single-tenant SAP-certified infrastructure and full access control.

IBM Cloud understands the journey to SAP S/4HANA begins with the move to Cloud. The move must include security and high-performance for business-critical workloads while requiring faster time-to-value in the implementation of SAP technologies for renewed business processes and user experiences.

All SAP-run businesses currently using VMware vSphere, the virtualization engine of choice for SAP business applications, can move these virtual machines into IBM Cloud for VMware, using VMware HCX and IBM Cloud Direct Link to bridge the network. Today, clients can move their SAP workloads run on VMware from on-premises data centers to the IBM Cloud without re-architecting, while leveraging automation for provisioning the infrastructure and VMware SDDC environment.

Our automated installation of VMware SDDC puts the business in full control. It delivers a customer-managed hypervisor with best practices defined by the IBM-VMware partnership configured and delivered consistently, such as SAP-certified Single-Tenant Bare Metal Infrastructure. This includes Root-access, periodic releases, and version updates from IBM Cloud for VMware on new, easily scalable clusters. This helps enable the business to move to Cloud and focus on the journey to SAP S/4HANA and other new SAP applications.

Announcing an early access preview of Vnomic MetaDirector to initiate SAP landscapes on IBM Cloud for VMware with SAP

For customers beginning their journey towards SAP S/4HANA, IBM Cloud is announcing today an early access preview of Vnomic MetaDirector to initiate SAP landscapes on IBM Cloud for VMware with SAP. As an SAP Partner in the ecosystem of SAP third-party solutions, Vnomic automates the delivery of SAP Applications to provide the performance, cost, and governance requirements defined by SAP Architects on behalf of the business.

This solution provides acceleration to the timeline of an SAP implementation project by initializing the SAP landscape, benefiting all businesses looking towards their future with SAP S/4HANA and beyond.

In the past, SAP landscape deployments have often been manual, time-consuming, and prone to human errors, all of which can cause significant delivery issues and compromised quality. Standardized and streamlined deployment ensures consistency and manageability, which can mitigate unexpected delays and expensive production operational costs. Vnomic’s SAP initiation automation manages the entire deployment operation lifecycle for a new SAP landscape with full governance and is designed to reduce time to market using a consistent and resilient architecture for the new SAP implementation project.

IBM Cloud solutions

In addition, IBM Cloud provides additional solutions to complement other activities in SAP project implementations or maintenance, including the following:

  • Database backups for SAP HANA are handled with Veeam providing complete data backup and incremental backups through SAP HANA backing—all stored directly into various storage on IBM Cloud.
  • Database backups for SAP HANA and legacy databases for SAP with Actifio providing disk snapshots of the database storage using SAP HANA SQL Snapshot procedure—all stored directly into various storage on IBM Cloud. 
  • Network access management for SAP business application instances are controlled with F5 BIG-IP for intelligent L4-L7 load balancing and traffic management; tuned to SAP NetWeaver at a local and global scale for secured and federated application access to SAP Fiori Apps on SAP business applications (such as SAP S/4HANA) through the Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Security for SAP business applications with IBM Security Services and Onapsis Security Platform. Onapsis provides a platform which enables continuous monitoring for near real-time preventative, detective, and corrective security coverage of SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver (ABAP and J2EE)—all combined with IBM Security Services expertise on security configuration and management of SAP business applications.

SAP on IBM Cloud

Our investment into SAP on IBM Cloud leverages our extensive knowledge across IBM for several decades and continues as we provide the following:

  • SAP-certified IaaS for VMware
  • SAP-certified high-performance Bare Metals (above 4TB memory) available worldwide, on demand with no minimum commitment or contract
  • Zero fees for private network traffic worldwide

For a first look at the Vnomic MetaDirector provisioning an SAP S/4HANA system on VMware in the IBM Cloud, watch the below video demonstration:

If you are interested, please click here to request more information.

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