The IBM Z Cloud Hyper Protect team has been working toward furthering the Z footprint in IBM Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and is excited to share several key announcements.

Last quarter, we announced IBM Z’s integration into VPC with availability in London, and we are now announcing MZR expansion to Tokyo.

As part of this expansion, IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Service (HPCS) on Z-VPC is now available in Tokyo in addition to London.

Finally, we are thrilled to launch an offering that is the first of its kind: IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Server for VPC is the first and only LinuxONE compute option now available in Tokyo and London (coming soon) in the IBM public cloud that provides complete virtual machine lifecycle management.

The business value of Z integration into VPC

IBM Z in IBM’s public cloud unlocks differentiated value that no other provider can offer. When IBM Z is part of a client’s hybrid-cloud strategy, they can achieve up to 2.5 times more business value than they would with a public-cloud-only approach. This value we share with clients originates from IBM Z’s foundation of performance, security and resiliency. 

The integration of IBM Z into IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides unique value to our customers. As a public cloud offering, VPC allows clients to establish their own secure, isolated virtual network on shared public cloud infrastructure, combining the security of a private cloud with the availability and scalability of IBM’s public cloud. Z in VPC specifically helps do the following:

  • Reduce risk across the entire data lifecycle, aiding an increase in customer trust and loyalty.
  • Enable flexible business growth and innovation by allowing clients to worry less about their IT and more about their customers.
  • Promote new and existing customers (particularly those in regulated industries) to adopt a secure hybrid-cloud strategy by reducing key barriers to cloud adoption.  

IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC

IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC are now available in the IBM Cloud VPC IaaS layer. They are the first and only s390x Z LinuxONE architecture virtual server with complete virtual machine lifecycle management running on the public cloud in London and Tokyo. LinuxONE Virtual Servers support Ubuntu, Custom Image, SUSE and RHEL (coming soon).”

LinuxONE Virtual Servers offer seamless application modernization and secure hybrid-cloud experiences. With 2021 reporting the highest average cost of a data breach in 17 years, customers need secure interoperability between on-premises, cloud and edge solutions in order to achieve their business goals more than ever. Highlighting the necessity of application modernization and secure hybrid cloud, the recent Cost of a Data Breach Report found that organizations further along in their cloud modernization strategy contained the breach, on average, 77 days faster than those in the early stages of their modernization journey.

Customers can rely on the performance and reliability built into the LinuxONE Virtual Servers for their application modernization and hybrid cloud strategies.

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Service on VPC 

As the final announcement, we are proud to announce that IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Service (HPCS) is now available in Tokyo and London. Some highlights of this announcement include the following:

  • Integration with the IBM Security and Compliance Center: This integration provides customers with the ability to automate security and compliance postures, govern cloud resource configurations and manage compliance to regulation guidelines.
  • Lower operational costs: Securely generate master keys in cryptounits and store backups outside the region. This capability provides a different choice for securely managing your HSM master key and does not require managing key parts on-prem (North America only).
  • Terraform support: Speed up deployment and configuration of HPCS.

Enhancements to IBM Hyper Protect Digital Assets Platform

We are also announcing two new features to support our Digital Asset Platform:

  • Secure Encrypted Network for IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers provides a tool for users to set up an end-to-end encrypted network between virtual servers.
  • Mutual TLS (mTLS) management provides two-factor authentication to protect access to Hyper Protect Crypto Service API.

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With IBM Z’s expansion into the London VPC last quarter, the new expansion into Tokyo now and IBM Cloud HPCS on VPC and IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Server for VPC’s availability in London and Tokyo, IBM Z continues to expand its footprint in the public cloud, offering unique business value to our customers while paving the path to secure hybrid cloud adoption.

Explore the products in the IBM Cloud Hyper Protect portfolio, including IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Service, IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS and IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers

Read more about IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS’ recent announcement on its IBM Cloud for Financial Services Validation.

Please visit the IBM Cloud Catalog to try out the 30-day free trial of any of the Hyper Protect offerings.

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