December 14, 2023 By Christina Shim 2 min read

Independent research firm Verdantix recently reaffirmed the position of IBM® Envizi™ ESG Suite as a market leader in their report “Green Quadrant: Enterprise Carbon Management Software 2023” (30 November 2023). This report follows the 2022 edition, which also placed Envizi in the leaders’ quadrant.

IBM stands out as the first of only three vendors whose ability to leverage AI is highlighted in the report. It obtains the highest scores for its data acquisition, data management and data aggregation within Verdantix’s “Capabilities” dimension. Moreover, IBM scores notably high on the “Momentum” dimension, which assesses each software supplier based on its strategic success factors, particularly in the vision and strategy category.

Verdantix arrive at this rating through a comprehensive, fact-based comparison of 19 solution providers and their product offerings. The analysis included an extensive questionnaire, demonstrations by suppliers and interviews with existing customers of carbon management software.

The report highlights the growing market for carbon management software, driven by organizations’ voluntary and regulatory commitments. It also points out a significant shift as decarbonization joins core emissions measurement and reporting as primary use cases. The increasing number of players indicates a buoyant and dynamic market, shaped by the growing shifts in demand and evolving regulatory landscapes.

In this evolving landscape, the IBM Envizi ESG Suite empowers companies around the world to address their greenhouse gas data capture, calculation, and analysis needs and to streamline their reporting and disclosure requirements. For instance, GPT, a real estate investment trust, and Downer, a provider of integrated services, specializing in transportation, utilities and facilities management, are among the users benefiting from this suite.

This new recognition, which complements IBM’s leadership rating in the Verdantix “Green Quadrant: ESG Reporting and Data Management Software”(17 July 2023) report, marks IBM’s sustainability efforts and strong heritage in providing clients with innovative solutions that continue to set benchmarks in the market.

For more information about IBM Sustainability, please visit IBM sustainability solutions.

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