May 11, 2023 By Keri Olson 3 min read

We have had an amazing week with IBM clients, partners, and stakeholders at our annual Think® Conference in Orlando, Florida. For IBM, Think is a perfect time for us to connect, collaborate and help our clients and partners continue to forge ahead with digital transformation and innovation. 

As we wrap up Think 2023, we’re excited to recap a few of the exciting new capabilities we are launching in our IT Automation portfolio.

Accelerating IT operations with IBM’s AIOps platform

Managing IT environments in today’s modern business landscape is a complex and challenging task, requiring IT operations teams to move from being reactive to predictive and proactive. Traditional approaches are no longer sufficient to ensure continuous availability, functionality and performance.

To address this challenge, IBM offers an AIOps platform that utilizes AI to enhance decision-making across infrastructure and operations personas by contextualizing large volumes of operational data.

IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps is a comprehensive, self-hosted AIOps platform solution that provides central IT operations teams with a single pane of glass to view their managed IT environment. This platform utilizes intelligent automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to aggregate data from various sources, detect and correlate incidents, and quickly drive incidents to resolution. IBM’s AIOps platform is designed to help businesses by augmenting, accelerating and automating incident resolution, while helping to foster collaboration across teams.

Further contributing to the value of our existing AIOps platform—alongside the Cloud Pak for AIOps—IBM is excited to announce the addition of our cloud-native SaaS solution, IBM AIOps Insights, set for general availability at the end of June 2023. This AI-powered solution is designed to streamline incident management and increase uptime to help improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. With AIOps Insights, organizations can leverage AI and machine learning to automate end-to-end processes, transforming reactive IT operations into proactive and predictive operations that identify issues and anomalies before they occur.

AIOps Insights is a SaaS deployment option for incident management and remediation that provides a comprehensive, real-time view of an organization’s IT environment. Like IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps, it consolidates multiple tools and correlates resource status across silos, streamlining incident management, reducing incident costs and increasing availability. With AIOps Insights, organizations can connect and integrate cross-domain data—including infrastructure, network and APM—and visualize their entire IT environment with just a few clicks.

The platform dynamically generates a topology of an organization’s IT environment, adding new entities as they are detected. By correlating events and grouping them into incidents, AIOps Insights addresses noise and enables quick identification of incidents that may require more investigation. The platform also automatically suggests remediation actions. The platform then provides visibility of status updates as incidents are resolved.

IBM’s AIOps platform, including IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps and the new IBM AIOps Insights, empowers organizations to tap into the power of intelligent automation and streamline IT operations to help them achieve better business outcomes.

Better together with IBM Instana Observability and IBM Turbonomic

In today’s complex IT environments, lack of visibility is a major challenge. IT operations teams need to gain full-stack health and performance monitoring, which traditional monitoring tools may have lacked.

IBM Instana Observability provides comprehensive visibility into modern applications, services and environments through a technology-agnostic approach that continuously provides high-fidelity data. It is engineered to identify issues before they impact business operations and automatically deploys monitoring in over 250 different applications, microservices and software infrastructure components across hybrid and multicloud environments. Instana is designed to deliver quick-time-to-value while keeping up with dynamic complexities.

In addition to comprehensive visibility, organizations need to detect performance issues and eliminate waste caused by over-provisioning. Enterprises need to shift from reactive to dynamic and continuous resource allocation for optimal, cost-effective utilization.

IBM Turbonomic is an AI- and automation-driven solution that dynamically allocates resources based on performance analysis and AI-driven recommendations. It supports application performance while helping clients address their compliance requirements, reduce cloud and infrastructure spending, and give more time back to engineering teams.

Ultimately, IBM Instana delivers real-time observability, while Turbonomic helps support application performance. While each of these solutions are incredibly powerful alone, they are even more valuable together.

That is why IBM is very excited to introduce the integration of IBM Instana Observability and IBM Turbonomic, available June 2023. Together, the integrated solutions offer comprehensive visibility and control of IT environments, enabling organizations to leverage real-time monitoring data for dynamic resource allocation decisions and AI-driven recommendations for optimal performance and cost reduction. The combination empowers organizations to optimize performance, address costs and streamline IT operations by tapping into the power of intelligent automation solutions to deliver business results.

Let’s continue the conversation

Today’s business landscape is constantly evolving, and there is a critical need to optimize IT operations. IBM is committed to working with our clients to continue to streamline IT operations by accelerating the adoption of intelligent automation solutions.

Discover new ways to improve your business using intelligent automation by joining us for a no-cost automation innovation workshop.

Learn how our AI-powered IT solutions can deliver insights to help drive exceptional business performance.

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