December 1, 2022 By Alex Klufas 3 min read

We are thrilled to announce our new next-generation data replication offering: IBM Data Replication for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Across organizations, data is becoming more diverse and distributed. As data volume increases and becomes more siloed, how do organizations ensure they’re using the most up-to-date and reliable data to solve their business needs?

The solution? Multicloud data integration — reliable data for your teams, anytime and anywhere.

As a core tenet to data fabric, multicloud data integration ensures that data is delivered, governed and transformed efficiently. Utilizing a hybrid integration approach, organizations can select a strategy that aligns with their business needs. Multicloud data integration means the right people have easier access to the right data, eliminating data silos across an organization.

Within the multicloud data integration portfolio, data replication is essential to a functioning data fabric. With consistent, efficient and near real-time data delivery, data replication ensures that across an organization, users can tap into continuously updated data.

Today, we’re announcing our new next-generation data replication offering: IBM Data Replication for IBM Cloud Pak for Data. With IBM Data Replication for Cloud Pak for Data, we’re supporting one of multicloud data integration’s core tenets — delivering reliable data where you need it, when you need it.

What is data replication?

Data replication provides low-impact change data capture and near real-time data movement for data integration in organizations’ data fabric architectures. It ensures that multiple iterations of data are kept consistent in a near real-time fashion through a continuous log capture of the changes. When combined with data fabric, data replication provides additional benefits, such as metadata for lineage and governance, and increased reliability and consistency with synchronizations.

How does IBM Data Replication for Cloud Pak for Data differ from current data replication offerings?

Selecting a data replication asset in Cloud Pak for Data.

With the new IBM Data Replication for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, tapping into efficient data movement and delivery has never been easier. IBM Data Replication for IBM Cloud Pak for Data means that it is even easier to move and synchronize data between heterogenous data stores in near real-time with minimal impact.

Data replication can be set up in three steps:

  1. Define source
  2. Define target
  3. Define replication

In just a few minutes and with a couple of keystrokes, anyone can set up IBM Data Replication on Cloud Pak for Data. The simplified user experience means that more people can access and monitor data replication.

Data Replication interface within Cloud Pak for Data.

IBM Data Replication is integrated directly within Cloud Pak for Data. Whether sourcing data from Oracle or utilizing Kafka to deliver data to DataStage, your data is now available for consumption across any Cloud Pak for Data service.

Because data replication is now available on Cloud Pak for Data, data replication has never had such a large impact and reach to provide changed data across disparate systems and locations.

Tapping into IBM Data Replication on Cloud Pak for Data means you can make business decisions with up-to-the-second, accurate data across your organization.

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