October 23, 2023 By Hakan Sonmez 2 min read

We are excited to announce a technology collaboration between IBM and Equinix that will enable IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh customers to deploy the to-be released IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh gateways on Equinix Metal platform.

IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh is a SaaS offering designed to enable enterprises to bring management to their hybrid multicloud infrastructure. Driven by “Application-Centric Connectivity,” IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh is engineered to automate the process, management, and observability of application connectivity in and between public and private clouds to help modern enterprises operate their infrastructure across hybrid multicloud and heterogeneous environments.

The technology collaboration between IBM and Equinix will enable IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh customers to take advantage of the extensive Equinix infrastructure footprint to choose where to deploy and connect their enterprise applications in a flexible and efficient way. At the same time, the technology collaboration will enable Equinix Metal customers the option to use IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh as an overlay network to connect their applications across hybrid multi-cloud environments in a simple, secure, scalable, and seamless way.

When it is generally available in late 2023, IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh (currently available in IBM early access program) will allow DevOps and CloudOps teams to collaborate to seamlessly manage and scale network applications across a wide variety of public and private clouds, edge, and on-premises environments. The IBM-Equinix collaboration aims to enable customers to license IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh from IBM, and provision and deploy IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh Gateways on Equinix Metal servers across Equinix US Data Centers that can serve their applications’ location and interconnection needs.

We are excited to continue our journey building a technology collaboration with a leading data center and colocation services provider, Equinix.

To learn more about IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh: https://www.ibm.com/products/hybrid-cloud-mesh

To learn more about Equinix Metal Platform: https://deploy.equinix.com

Disclaimer: IBM’s plans, directions and intentions may change or be withdrawn at any time at IBM’s discretion, without notice. Information about potential future products and improvements is provided to give a general idea of IBM’s goals and objectives and should not be used in making a purchase decision. IBM is not obligated to provide any materials, code or functionality based on this information. This statement replaces all prior statements on this topic.

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