May 31, 2018 By Zane Adam 2 min read

IBM Cloud Wins VMware 2017 Partner of the Year Award

As companies examine opportunities for business growth and IT modernization, they face a decision about the destination of their workloads – whether they will remain on-premises, move to the public cloud or a private cloud. When making that decision, clients must also consider application requirements, data sovereignty, security, performance needs and existing capital investments to determine the best path forward.

Migrating workloads to the cloud

The cloud is rapidly becoming a destination of choice for many organizations. A rising number of clients across industries will be migrating their workloads and applications to the cloud over the next few years to take advantage of the cloud’s efficiencies, scale and high-value services.

As we enter the halfway point of 2018, we’re on pace for a big year for cloud migration, specifically for VMware workloads. VMware research suggests that 30 percent of the more than 50 million VMware workloads will move to a public cloud by 2021.1

IBM Cloud and VMware: Leaders in cloud transformation

IBM Cloud and VMware set out a few years ago to help clients extend and migrate existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to the cloud without having to retool operations, re-architect applications or re-design security protocols.

The value of our partnership was validated last week at VMware Partner Leadership Summit when IBM Cloud was recognized as VMware’s 2017 Global Cloud Provider of the year. A few key milestones in 2017 include:

  • Enterprises such as American Airlines, TD Bank, and many others are accelerating their journey to the cloud with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.
  • IBM Cloud became one of the first of a new class of partners carrying the VMware Cloud Verified trust mark, which identifies providers that fuel business growth by driving innovation, improving efficiency and lowering costs for customers as they transform application portfolios for a multi-cloud, multi-device world.
  • IBM served as a design partner and one of the first providers to launch VMware HCX (Hybrid Cloud Extension), to help deliver seamless interoperability and application mobility between IBM Cloud and any VMware-based cloud.

In total, IBM was recognized by VMware with four awards: Global Cloud Provider, Global Systems Integrator, Americas Cloud Provider, and APJ Professional Services.

The partnership between IBM and VMware is helping clients deliver new business value through cloud, mobile and security solutions. As our partnership has evolved, we’ve helped clients not only “lift and shift” their workloads to the cloud, but rather “lift and transform” workloads resulting, oftentimes, in the development of entirely new business models. We look forward to continuing the growth and innovation across the multiple value chains where we collaborate.

Pictured here left to right Jenni Flinders, VP, VMware Worldwide Channels, Dave Simpson, VP, IBM Cloud Global Sales, Frank Rauch, VP, VMware Americas Partner Organization and Brett Shirk, SVP & GM, VMware Americas Sales receiving VMware Cloud Provider of the Year award.

Learn more about how IBM Cloud and VMware are simplifying the journey to the cloud.


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