June 18, 2024 By Trent Shupe < 1 min read

At Think 2024, we announced IBM Concert®. It provides generative AI driven insights for your applications and puts site reliability engineers (SREs) and developers in control, enabling them to simplify and optimize their operations across any environment. IBM Concert is now generally available.

You can now start using IBM Concert to get a detailed view of your applications and environments and apply generative AI to get insights on how to optimize your applications so your business works better. 

Powered by IBM watsonx™, IBM Concert seamlessly connects with all your existing environments and toolsets. It helps you conduct real-time data and dependency mapping to see operational challenges, understand root causes, anticipate issues and proactively address the problems with recommended actions and automation.

With IBM Concert, you are in the driver’s seat—your questions generate insightful analyses, visualizations and recommendations that turn into action quickly. It helps you discover gaps, prioritize insights and instrument changes to make your business more resilient, cost-effective and better performing.

The initial focus for IBM Concert is around risk, supporting use cases like application risk management and application compliance management. But that is just the beginning. Our vision for IBM Concert’s AI-driven capabilities is extensive and ambitious. We are expanding the risk-related use cases with cost management and other critical concerns for application owners. 

Get started with Concert today!

Learn more about IBM Concert here Request a demo of IBM Concert today Join our virtual event at IBM TechXchange on July 16

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