October 28, 2020 By Perla Duenas 2 min read

A little over a year ago, we made the bold decision to start building you — our clients — a new master data management product designed for today’s hybrid cloud architectures.

We knew we had to be all-in if we were going to repeat the market success of InfoSphere Master Data Management we have enjoyed for so long. 

Our Design and Development Teams took on that challenge to redesign the experience and future of IBM Master Data Management (MDM) from the ground up. The first step in that challenge is available now as a Beta release, designed to give both existing and new clients the ability to quickly model and resolve key entities in the pursuit of achieving a 360-degree view of their customers, suppliers, and partners.  

Data-first user experience that improves your data team’s workflow

Armed with a robust understanding of your problems (through our user’s help and partnership) and a deep bank of technical domain knowledge that generated over 30 patent filings to date, IBM is pleased to introduce a data-first user experience that improves your data team’s workflow in the following ways:

  • Accelerating the configuration of the MDM system, getting sources added to the system and running in a matter of weeks, rather than months.
  • Informing the user’s decision making with embedded AI and machine learning that provides transparent and meaningful guidance so you no longer need to rely on specialized experts to set up a custom data model and algorithm for you, removing bottlenecks and letting people focus on strategic work instead of administration.
  • Deep integration with the leading governance platform, Watson Knowledge Catalog.
  • Enhancing ease of use in a platform-based experience, allowing your teams to collaborate seamlessly across the ecosystem of data management solutions.

Learn more about our use cases.

With the capabilities we are releasing in this beta, you can quickly start fresh in resolving entities across multiple data sources to a shared data model; or, you can start with an existing master data model — whether from IBM or other solutions — and see how easily new data sources can be added to help complete what is known about clients. Armed with this more complete view, data scientists and business analysts can use the data to build more trusted models using the master data as a foundation.

Additional upcoming capabilities

As you’ll see over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to build out additional critical capabilities to deliver on these use cases and many more. The capabilities include enforcement of data protection policies, suspect duplicate processing, approval workflows and task management, enforcement of reference data, identification of non-obvious relationships between entities to help identify risk, and our industry-leading global name recognition capabilities.

Get started with the beta of IBM Master Data Management 

We can’t wait to put IBM Master Data Management into your hands. Users are at the heart of our design work and we regularly engage with our clients who are hard at work modernizing their data ecosystems. Together, we’ll create solutions that’ll accelerate, inform, and enhance your data team’s experience — ultimately driving the success of your company.

Sign up to try the beta today and get a first look at how the solution can accelerate and enrich your customer insights.

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