We are thrilled to announce that IBM Security QRadar SIEM has been selected as the winner of the “SIEM Solution Provider of the Year” award for 2023.

The CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program is renowned for recognizing outstanding achievements in the information security industry, and this year saw a record number of nominations from around the globe.

The evaluation criteria for the awards program revolve around innovation. It seeks to honor solutions and companies that stand out by addressing genuine needs, solving complex problems, and revolutionizing their respective markets or industries. In this regard, IBM Security QRadar SIEM truly shone.

QRadar SIEM’s remarkable achievement as the “SIEM Solution Provider of the Year” for 2023 can be attributed to distinctive features and capabilities that differentiate it from other competitors in this category:

  • Advanced machine-learning and user behavior analytics: QRadar SIEM employs machine-learning and user behavior analytics to analyze network traffic alongside traditional logs, resulting in more accurate, contextualized, and prioritized alerts. By leveraging AI, network and user behavior analytics, and X-Force threat intelligence, QRadar SIEM provides real-time prioritized alerts to analysts.
  • Detecting insider threats and risky user behavior: QRadar SIEM’s AI-based analytics can detect anomalies that may indicate potential threat actors, using a baseline determined by both individual activity and that of a learned peer group. Furthermore, with Network Detection and Response (NDR) built in, QRadar SIEM monitors critical network flow data, significantly enhancing the scope of protection.
  • Streamlined log source management: QRadar SIEM simplifies the complex task of log source customization. From configuration to detection, it offers a user-friendly experience. The solution even comes with built-in guidance, showcasing pre-built use cases and recommended data sources, eliminating the need for coding rules.

IBM’s success in securing the “SIEM Solution Provider of the Year” award reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and the highest standards of cybersecurity. Our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding our customers’ cybersecurity needs has consistently resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction, making this recognition even more meaningful.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program for this prestigious recognition and look forward to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity even further.

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