March 25, 2019 By Zane Adam 3 min read

An exciting Partnership between Caveonix RiskForesight™ and IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

I am excited to announce to the IBM community and our valued Clients that the Caveonix RiskForesight™ solution is now generally available on IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions (IC4V). Our Partnership was announced at IBM THINK 2019 as highlighted by the following Press Release.

RiskForesight helps address security and compliance challenges

Over the two years that our IC4V offerings have been in the market, we have gained a strong understanding of the security and compliance challenges our Clients face as they transform their operations to hybrid and multicloud environments, such as public, private, and managed clouds. As these enterprises start to migrate their workloads in this environment, their overall workload footprint extends beyond their own data center, resulting in an overall increase in the attack surface.

To protect their expanding attack surface, Enterprises need continuous visibility into workloads and must maintain a “full-stack” understanding of their workload vulnerabilities and configuration issues at the infrastructure, platform, and application level in the context of the latest threats and compliance requirements.

With RiskForesight, IBM Cloud customers can maintain visibility, mitigate risks proactively, and reduce their overall cost of achieving a secure and compliant operation. RiskForesight’s Detect, Predict, and Act Risk Management continuum provides a continuous and automated defense of cloud workloads with up-to-date visibility of workloads, their changing risk postures through risk analytics, and enforcement of proactive and reactive policies for mitigating risks.

As our team has successfully done with other technology Partners over the last two years, we have worked closely with Caveonix to deliver a seamless experience for accessing and utilizing their technology on our IC4V platform. Over the last several months, our respective Engineering teams have worked diligently to test and develop the automated ordering, installation, and basic configuration of Caveonix RiskForesight™ via our proprietary and secure management portal. End users can configure their infrastructure and, with a few clicks, can immediately deploy Caveonix RiskForesight™ to begin protecting their workloads on IBM Cloud.

Primary use cases

  • Customer wants to gain visibility and determine what has changed in their IBM Cloud environment

  • Customer wants to assess their potential cyber risk, find out what the compliance impacts are on their workloads, and determine how to mitigate

  • Customer wants to determine if their IBM Cloud infrastructure and workloads are meeting compliance requirements

  • Customer wants to proactively manage their overall risks before they can be exploited to reduce breaches

  • Customer wants to determine if a threat scenario exists as a result of abnormal behavior

  • Customer wants to identify specific actions to eliminate risks due to cyber threats, vulnerabilities, or non-compliant configurations

How will Caveonix RiskForesight help those using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions?

RiskForesight provides IBM customers with greater visibility and control to protect their cloud workloads from Cyber and Compliance risks. RiskForesight provides proactive protection by understanding what workloads are being deployed, where they are deployed, what has changed, and how they are subject to the latest threats. Clients using RiskForesight will be able to do the following:

  • Gain full visibility into their workloads by quickly identifying the location, grouping, and flow of workloads and how to protect them. RiskForesight’s Detect, Predict, and Act modules identify changes in IBM Cloud infrastructure, tenant workloads cyber threats, and vulnerabilities.

  • Improve their overall Cyber Risk and Compliance posture by predicting and mitigating vulnerability and configuration exposures with active defense. RiskForesight provides Cyber Risk and Compliance dashboards with risk mitigation steps either by manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated means providing network, platform, or application segmentation using micro-segmentation or firewall policy deployments.

  • Ensure their workloads meet government regulatory requirements for industry and regulatory compliance such as PCI, FISMA, HIPAA, GDPR, NESA, FedRAMP, FFIEC, ISO, and others by continuous automated monitoring.

  • Maintain a secure and compliant deployment by leveraging their existing security policies between their internal environment and IBM Cloud.

Designing our solutions and choosing our Partners with security in mind

As our experience has shown, the success of our cloud offerings will be dependent on their ability to meet our Clients’ unique security and compliance requirements. Simply consider the Financial Services Sector (FSS): While sharing common expectations of cloud-based deployments with other industries, FSS Clients also look for increased levels of security, transparency, and auditability in support of their highly sensitive cloud workloads.

Success with these FSS Clients is dependent upon our ability to support various cloud deployment models (including hybrid implementations) and in doing so, meeting the necessary compliance, performance, and failover specifications required. Our approach has been to design our solutions and choose our Partners with security in mind from the ground up. IBM Cloud for VMware solutions platform is secure by design, and by Partnering with Caveonix, we can add a further degree of security to protect even the most highly regulated workloads on IBM Cloud.

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