Bare Metal Worker Nodes in IBM Cloud Container Service

Do you want to maximize computing resources for your containerized apps?  Does your organization require dedicated physical servers to run your workloads in the cloud?

IBM is here to help with these concerns.  We are excited to announce the availability of single-tenant, bare metal worker nodes to be used in your Kubernetes clusters in IBM Cloud Container Service.  Choose a bare metal machine type that meets your needs for balanced configurations of physical compute resources, RAM-intensive machines for increased processing capability, or large local disk storage for data-intensive workloads.

Bare metal instances are billed monthly.  Today, you can deploy five bare metal flavors:

4×32: Balanced with 4 cores, 32GB Memory, 1TB SATA Primary Disk, 2TB SATA Secondary Disk, 10Gbps Bonded Network
16×64: Balanced with 16 cores, 64GB Memory, 1TB SATA Primary Disk, 1.7TB SSD Secondary Disk, 10Gbps Bonded Network
28×512: RAM intensive with 28 cores, 512GB Memory, 1TB SATA Primary Disk, 1.7TB SSD Secondary Disk, 10Gbps Bonded Network
16×64.4x4tb: Data intensive with 16 cores, 64GB Memory, 1TB SATA Primary Disk, 4x4TB SATA RAID10 Secondary Disk, 10Gbps Bonded Network
28×512.4x4tb: Data intensive with 28 cores, 512GB Memory, 1TB SATA Primary Disk, 4x4TB SATA RAID10 Secondary Disk, 10Gbps Bonded Network

Create bare metal worker nodes in the following regions and data centers:

  • AP-North: hkg02, tok02

  • AP-South: syd01, syd04

  • EU-Central: ams03, fra02, par01

  • UK-South: lon02, lon04

  • US-East: wdc06, wdc07, mon01, tor01

  • US-South: dal10, dal12, dal13

Learn more about the physical and virtual machines that you can deploy in the container service:

What is IBM Cloud Container Service?

managed Kubernetes service providing an intuitive user experience with on-going cluster management. Built-in security and isolation to enable rapid delivery of apps, while leveraging IBM Cloud Services including Weather data, IoT, Analytics, or AI capabilities with Watson. Available in six IBM regions worldwide, including 19 data centers.  Learn more here.

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