November 15, 2023 By Peter Casler 2 min read

In December 2021, IBM and SingleStore announced their strategic partnership, and in December 2022, the partnership launched SingleStoreDB as a Service—available on AWS and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Now they’re taking the next step with SingleStoreDB’s powerful vector database support of


IBM is the next-generation enterprise studio for AI builders. It brings together traditional machine learning and new generative AI capabilities powered by foundation models into a powerful studio. That studio lets you build AI applications in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the data. Other benefits include:

  • IBM’s trusted approach to AI and MLOps allows you to operationalize and scale AI with confidence.
  • IBM’s world-class AI governance and data solutions gives clients assurance that their data and models are private, secure and governed.
  • IBM’s foundation models are pre-trained on curated data sets based on principles of trust and transparency, and leverage open-source models from Hugging Face. 

Why SingleStoreDB for your generative AI applications? 

  • SingleStoreDB offers a powerful vector database matched with world-class query performance. 
  • SinglestoreDB is suited for generative AI applications with semantic search, fast ingest, low latency response times, foundation models, traditional ML and highly concurrent queries.
  • SingleStoreDB reduces data sprawl providing a simpler, more powerful approach to handling vectors alongside traditional structured and unstructured data.
  • Unlike specialized vector databases, SingleStoreDB stores vector data in relational tables alongside other types of data. Co-locating vector data with related data allows you to easily query extended metadata and other attributes of your vector data—with the full power of SQL.

The IBM and SingleStore partnership: Better together

The speed, scope and scale of generative AI’s impact is unprecedented. The ways in which enterprises adopt and execute it will define whether they unlock value at scale.

Enterprises can now elevate their AI’s capabilities through the integration between IBM and SingleStoreDB. Together, IBM and SingleStore can help organizations infuse AI into business processes. With this new ability, they can make use of their data, wherever it resides—on-prem, across clouds and data formats.

Ready to put AI to work with and SingleStoreDB?

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