October 19, 2015 By Miran Badzak 2 min read

Predictive Analytics for Bluemix brings machine learning to every developer

Today, we’re announcing the general availability of the Predictive Analytics service on Bluemix.

Predictive Analytics is our machine learning offering that makes it easy for developers and data scientists to work together to integrate predictive capabilities into their applications. Building on the industry standard SPSS analytics platform, Predictive Analytics allows you to develop intelligence-driven applications that make smarter decisions, solve tough problems, and improve the lives of your users.

With Predictive Analytics, you can build sophisticated recommendation engines, analyze and act on user sentiment, provide targeted, more useful advertisements, detect and prevent click fraud, and much more.

With this release, we’re enabling SPSS Modeler users to deploy their models to IBM’s robust, enterprise-class Bluemix platform. Once deployed, application developers can use a well-documented REST API to make scoring requests (predictions) from their Bluemix or standalone applications.

But, we’re just getting warmed up. Soon, we’ll be unleashing the full power of predictive analytics with new features, integrations, and solutions for our developers.

We believe in the power of machine learning. We believe that application code coupled with predictive models enables a new breed of services that help move human/computer interaction forward.

We’re on a mission to bring machine learning to within reach of every developer and data scientist. We want to deliver the best developer experience and the most robust infrastructure so that you, our developers, can be empowered to create the next generation of awesome services.

Today marks the beginning of this journey. Join us.

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