July 12, 2022 By Ken King 3 min read

The right compute architecture for today’s unpredictable and dynamic business climate.

Uncertainty has become a mainstay of business, at least for the near future. I see this every day with our clients and in our own industry. Many clients are struggling with capacity and supply chain issues, and having the right people and skills is essential to accelerating business performance.

I’m keenly aware of the importance our offerings and services are to our clients’ strategies for hybrid cloud and AI and couldn’t be prouder of the technology and expertise IBM offers clients in these challenging times. Our infrastructure is backed by world-class support and a strong, vibrant ecosystem of partners to help solve the most pressing challenges.

More than ever, there is a need for tech-enabled efficiency and productivity to respond to this volatility. Business demands standout performance and flexibility from Information Technology. Resilience has taken center stage. And all this can’t happen at the expense of a company’s environmental, social and governance goals.

So how can IBM servers help with these issues?

We introduced the IBM® Power10® high-end server last September and we are continuing to broaden the portfolio with a major launch of four new systems today: the scale-out Power S1014, Power S1022 and Power S1024, along with a midrange server, the Power E1050. These new systems, built around the Power10 processor, have twice the cores and memory bandwidth of the previous generation to bring high-end advantages to the entire Power10 product line.

More specifically, these new Power10 processor-based systems provide the following business value for our clients.

Modernize applications to maximize value from data

The new Power10 processor-based systems are optimized to run mission-critical workloads (like core business applications and databases) and maximize the efficiency of containerized and cloud-native applications. An ecosystem with Red Hat® OpenShift® helps enable incremental innovation while cloud-native development is available with applications on AIX, IBM i and Linux to run our clients’ businesses. Each Power10 processor core has four Matrix Math Accelerators designed to improve performance of AI models and lower latency by running inferencing on the same server to access and analyze data faster.  

Secure infrastructure to help defend against attacks

Cybersecurity is frequently the first topic in client meetings. A hallmark of our Power10 processor-based systems is platform integrity from the processor to the cloud. The new Power S1014, Power S1022, Power S1024 and Power E1050 platforms support transparent memory encryption, enhanced isolation and Trusted Boot to help prevent emerging side-channel attacks from hackers. They are designed to enhance security across hybrid cloud environments without impacting performance of business-critical applications. We also included security standards that are intended to support cryptography advancements — such as quantum-safe cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption — to help protect today’s data from tomorrow’s bad actors.

Automate operations to help improve productivity

The clients I meet with are rapidly automating their operations with software to improve productivity by managing manual infrastructure tasks. Clients can leverage this increased productivity to enable focus on higher-value projects. All Power10 processor-based servers have consistent automation and management to optimize workload deployments across hybrid cloud that are built on Red Hat OpenShift, managed with IBM Cloud Pak™ technology and automated with Red Hat Ansible. Clients can also separately purchase enterprise hybrid cloud application monitoring and observability with Instana™ on Power to anticipate issues and leverage resource optimization with Turbonomic™ on Power.

We have also added advancements that expand and simplify our pay-as-you-go offerings, providing clients more flexible consumption choices for their infrastructure. We offer built-in cost optimization so you can take advantage of cloud economics on-prem. In addition, the Power S1022, Power S1024 and Power E1050 all have Power Private Cloud capabilities, allowing server resources to be shared in pools during spikes in demand and increase flexibility. Metered capacity with monthly invoicing is part of Power Private Cloud for pay-per-use consumption so the payment experience mirrors how you pay for public cloud. You maintain control of your critical applications and data wherever they reside today.

Get started

The market reception of Power10 so far has been fantastic. There’s a palpable energy when we sit down with clients to discuss the capabilities of our Power10 platform and how well it aligns with their business objectives. These are the right servers for these uncertain times, with a broad family of options and consumption choices to meet our clients’ needs.   

You can learn more about our announced products here.

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