We’re at a watershed moment with generative AI. According to findings from the IBM Institute for Business Value, investment in generative AI is expected to grow nearly four times over the next two to three years. For enterprises that make the right investments in the technology it could deliver a strategic advantage that pays massive dividends. At IBM® we are committed to helping clients navigate this new reality and realize meaningful value from generative AI over the long term.

For our clients that choose to use AWS’ gen AI ecosystem of integrated services offerings to strategically position themselves for the future. IBM Consulting® makes it easy for them to take advantage of those capabilities and get the most out of their investments.

Today we are proud to announce that IBM Consulting has earned the AWS Generative AI Competency. This significant milestone underscores IBM’s focus on helping joint clients harness the power of AWS generative AI services and capabilities to drive business transformations and accelerate hybrid cloud journeys. It also reaffirms IBM’s commitment to deepening its AWS expertise to better help clients innovate by using generative AI.

Achieving the AWS Generative AI Competency differentiates IBM Consulting as an AWS Partner that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in helping enterprises operationalize and derive value from AWS generative AI technology.

To receive the designation, the IBM Consulting team went through a rigorous technical validation process, which required demonstrable expertise in AWS generative AI native services. For IBM Consulting, earning this competency signifies its ability to deliver the latest advancements in AI, powered by AWS, to its clients including Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart, and Amazon Q–and drive real business outcomes with these technologies.

One example of IBM’s work that demonstrates its expertise in envisioning and designing an enterprise genAI platform leveraging AWS is with a Fortune 500 company that wanted to establish a path to production and scale genAI adoption across the enterprise and required a partner to translate genAI proof of concepts to production scale operations. IBM Consulting worked with the company to design a genAI platform that provides reusable components as-a-service to help developers reduce redundancy and drive rapid genAI app development in a secured and standard based approach.

What sets IBM apart in generative AI expertise?

IBM Consulting provides specialized industry and domain expertise to help organizations move beyond exploratory pilots and achieve tangible business outcomes. IBM Consulting helps clients assess their data for readiness for AI/generative AI and identify meaningful use cases. They also enhance developer productivity across the software development lifecycle, generate test cases, accelerate migrations, modernize data and applications and connect that data to areas of the business where it can have immediate impact.

As an AWS Premier Tier Consulting partner, IBM Consulting is uniquely qualified to address all facets of generative AI, including governance, responsible AI, regulatory challenges and sustainability. IBM also continues to invest in expanding its partnership with AWS, specifically doubling down on generative AI through the following:

  • Joint IBM Consulting and AWS solutions upgraded with generative AI capabilities for critical use cases including contact center modernization, migration design assistant, test case generation, AIOps and KYC. Also, IBM Consulting and AWS provide key gen AI powered offerings around mainframe application modernization, datacenter (DC) exits, migrations, SAP, data and security.
  • IBM’s AWS Innovation Lab open to all clients from around the world to explore joint solutions and test prototypes, is collaborating with IBM’s generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) and generative AI Lab to build innovative tools and assets powered by Amazon generative AI technologies that help accelerate transformation across industries.
  • Integration of Amazon SageMaker with IBM watsonx.governance – to help Amazon SageMaker and watsonx customers manage model risk and support compliance obligations in connection with recent regulatory requirements.

With the new AWS GenAI Competency, IBM Consulting has now achieved twenty AWS competencies and seventeen service delivery designations (SDDs), demonstrating our commitment to helping clients unlock the full potential of cloud-based generative AI solutions. This achievement expands on our longstanding partnership with AWS, which has enabled us to deliver innovative solutions that drive business transformation for our clients.

Click here to learn more about the IBM’s AWS consulting services and register here for a discovery session to engage with IBM and AWS to unlock the transformative value of generative AI.

Accelerate your hybrid cloud and AI journey with IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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