Thanks to favorable client reviews, 17 IBM offerings have secured a placement on the TrustRadius Best of Awards list. These awards help direct buyers who are doing research on new products and solutions for their business needs.

According to the annual Buying Disconnect Report produced by TrustRadius—“The Self-Serve Economy is Prove It or Lose It”—the top five resources buyers use are product demos, user reviews, prior experience, free trials and vendor websites.

The takeaway—buyers want to self-service their way through their buying journey and consult reviews from their peers along the way.

Best of Awards winning criteria

  • Ten new reviews submitted between January 1 and September 31, 2023.
  • Products were selected based on Key Insight statistics: Best Value for Price, Best Feature Set and Best Relationship per category.
  • Best Relationship looks at Key Insight data for Would Buy Again, Implementation Expectations and Sales and Marketing Promises.

The winning products

The IBM products below have won awards for all three categories:

The product that won Best Relationship and Best Value for Price awards:

Insights from client feedback

IBM Instana’s predictive maintenance capabilities have enabled us to proactively address issues before they lead to downtime.”CMO, Construction, 11-50 employees

“Maximo is an effective tool to maintain the equipment history and to assess or evaluate the machine/asset lifetime to plan the productivity.” Engineer, Pharmaceuticals Company, 10,001+ employees

“IBM Security MaaS360 is used to manage our mobile device fleet of iPhone and iPad devices. It has helped with controlling what apps are used and to manage users’ preferences as well as solve simple issues and to better track and manage our fleet of devices.”IT Analyst, Pharmaceuticals Company, 501-1000 employees

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We are excited to see IBM’s continued performance in these awards and we are extremely grateful to our clients for sharing their experiences.

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