January 23, 2020 By Daniel Palmer 2 min read

Business intelligence (BI) tools are undergoing massive disruption. The powerful integration of artificial intelligence (AI) frameworks like natural language processing and automated predictive insights are transforming what BI can do for businesses.

  • Why is AI everywhere?
  • How does AI improve BI
  • How do you drive AI adoption in your business?
  • What is the future of AI in BI?

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in the report.

Survey says: AI is inevitable

A recent IBM global survey found that AI deployment amongst large enterprise is at 45 percent, while it is at 29 percent for small and medium-sized companies ( with fewer than 1,000 employees). It’s also estimated that 80-90 percent of large businesses plan to adopt the use of AI in the next two years.

Companies that employ AI in BI tools are already ahead of the curve. For example, a natural language interface allows any line of business user to query large data sets and receive powerful insights in easy-to-understand visualizations and language. This democratization of data analysis is just one way in which AI in BI offers a huge leap forward when compared to traditional BI tools.

Spend time on work that matters

The report also delves into another powerful component of AI in BI tools: automated data cleansing and prepping. Instead of spending hours editing spreadsheet data line-by-line, or tagging content with manual review, AI in BI does the tedious work of preparing data for analysis, freeing up people to make more productive use of their time. Rather than eliminating work, AI in BI gives you superpowers and allows you to focus on work where you can truly add value.

The future of AI in BI

Through the use of helpful figures and examples, The Value of AI-Powered Business Intelligence sheds light on the future of AI in BI. Included are insights from AI subject matter experts on the features to look for in the next generation of BI tools, including predictive insights. Through this report, you will gain an understanding of how AI is fundamentally changing the discipline of business intelligence for the better.

Investing in an AI-powered BI tool should be a no-brainer if you’re looking to find insights in your data to make better business decisions. Be sure to check out The Value of AI-Powered Business Intelligence by Michael Norris to learn more.

Download the full report and get started on your journey to AI.

Learn what data science can offer you in your journey to AI.

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