IBM SPSS Statistics provides a powerful suite of data analytics tools which allows you to quickly analyze your data with a simple point-and-click interface and enables you to extract critical insights with ease. During these times of rapid change that demand agility, it is imperative to embrace data driven decision-making to improve business outcomes. Organizations of all kinds have relied on IBM SPSS Statistics for decades to help solve a wide range of business and research problems.

Explore SPSS Statistics with our interactive tutorials

SPSS Statistics offers a comprehensive set of capabilities in support of the entire analytical process from data preparation to analysis and reporting. It simplifies and accelerates data analytics by offering a simple menu-driven user interface that allows you to get to insights with just a few clicks, without any coding.

Interactive, hands-on tutorials are one of the best ways to experience SPSS Statistics. Here are a few SPSS Statistics learning resources that can get you started:

Statistics 101

If you’re just starting out with IBM Statistics, this introductory tutorial can help you get up to speed. You’ll learn about descriptive statistics, variance, probability, correlation and data visualization. It starts you off gently with a coverage of the fundamentals including descriptive statistics and moves you through five self-paced modules that take you through the steps to data wrangling and more.

Get more information on the SPSS Statistics 101 tutorial here.

View SPSS Statistics in action

IBM experts have put together an array of demo videos and assets that allow you to deep-dive into powerful statistical procedures and tools included in this versatile statistical software. We recommend starting with the overview video below to explore the power of statistical analysis to enable timely and accurate decisions for your organization. 

To help you along your learning journey, we have provided a detailed video library that includes demo videos  around advanced statistics, data preparation and  popular procedures like Regression. Visit the video library.

Are you wondering if SPSS Statistics enables you to deliver visualizations and other output? Watch this video about the output and visualization capabilities of SPSS Statistics to learn how to customize pivot tables and create publication-ready charts, tables and decision trees. Visit the IBM media center to view it.

These are just a few of the tutorials available to help you learn and become proficient with SPSS Statistics. For more basic to advanced tutorials and feature documentation, visit the SPSS product documentation.

Get more from SPSS Statistics with new algorithms and visualization tools

IBM recently launched SPSS Statistics 29. The latest version includes new statistical algorithms, enhancements to existing statistical procedures, new Relationship Maps for data visualization, and several usability improvements to make SPSS Statistics more user friendly for novices and experts alike. You can read all about the new release in this data sheet.

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Ready to dive deeper into SPSS Statistics on your own and start turbocharging your research and business analysis?

Try SPSS Statistics at no cost for 30 days.

Get yearly subscription and save more

IBM offers simple subscription options to help you easily get started with SPSS Statistics and scale as your requirements grow. You can even choose the 12 months auto-renewal plan and save 10% on subscription and add-ons.

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