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Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform that provides various solutions, including PaaS, IaaS and SaaS. Azure is one of the fastest-growing cloud businesses, with it’s revenue growing by 76%. It can be used for analytics, storage, virtual computing, networking and more. The amount of services in Azure is so vast that it could get confusing to work with it.

It’s important that you have the right resources to help you through your cloud migration journey. Here are the top guides that’ll make you an Azure expert in no time.

Practical Microsoft Azure IaaS: Migrating and Building Scalable and Secure Cloud Solutions: By Shijimol Ambi Karthikeyan 

Learn how to adopt Azure IaaS and migrate your on-premises infrastructure to Azure. This book provides solutions by following Microsoft’s design and best practice guidelines for building highly available, scalable and secure solution stacks using Microsoft Azure IaaS.

By the end of this book, you’ll know how to map the familiar on-premises architecture components to their cloud infrastructure counterparts.

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches: By Iain Foulds

This guide gets you started by breaking down the most important concepts and tasks into 21 bite-sized lessons, complete with examples, exercises and labs.

You’ll master the basics, including setting up cloud-based virtual machines (VMs), deploying web servers and using hosted data stores. This guide is perfect for beginners who are brand-new to Azure.

Hands-On Azure for Developers: By Kamil Mryzglod

Hands-On Azure for Developers will take you on a journey through multiple PaaS services available in Azure, including app services, functions and service fabric, and explain in detail how to build a complete and reliable system with ease.

You’ll learn how to maximize your skills when building cloud-based solutions using different SQL and NoSQL databases, serverless and messaging components, and even search engines, such as Azure Cognitive Search.

Microsoft Azure: Your Personal Guide from Beginning to Pro: By Nate J

This book guides you on how to set up a virtual network within the Azure Portal, how to use a network security group and how to launch a VM within the platform. You’re also guided on how to work with SQL databases within the Azure platform.

Every aspect of Microsoft Azure has been discussed in this book, making it an exceptional guide to help you transition from an Azure beginner to an Azure expert.

Mastering Identify and Access Management with Microsoft Azure: By Jochen Nickel

This guide will show you all the benefits of Microsoft Azure in the field of identity and access management. By working through the functionality of identity and access management as a service, you’ll get a full overview of the Microsoft strategy.

By the end of this book, you’ll have a thorough understanding of Microsoft information protection technologies.

IBM Turbonomic workload automation for hybrid cloud continuously helps assure that all workloads get precisely the resources needed to help ensure performance and lower cost while maintaining policy compliance. 

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