September 21, 2020 By Michael Fliehr 2 min read

Enterprises across industries might use Oracle software support for their business operations, from databases to back-office applications to entire software stacks. Support cost is a factor and increasingly important as companies undergo hybrid cloud transformations and seek cost savings to navigate the global pandemic’s economic impact. Third-party Oracle software support offers companies a way to help ensure streamlined support, business continuity and long-term cost savings without vendor lock-in.

Let’s examine three myths—and truths—about alternative support solutions to Oracle direct support and how they can add value to your business.

Myth: Third-party support doesn’t offer high quality service

Businesses looking to improve their Oracle software support experience might assume that alternative solutions are inefficient or unreliable. In fact, there are viable options. Personalized, responsive, even proactive service can provide an advantage. Also, efficient service delivery processes and highly skilled people create business value. And many providers go beyond break-fix with services such as open-source migration and integration expertise.

Myth: Third-party Oracle software support doesn’t address security

Companies might hesitate to go outside of Oracle direct support, assuming that other options are less secure. Again, there are viable choices. It’s important to find a provider with a security-enhanced solution to support Oracle technology. Also critical is finding one that helps resolve Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) as soon as information is available, so you don’t have to wait for quarterly reports.

Myth: Other support won’t protect my technology investments

Understandably, companies don’t want to jeopardize their Oracle software investments. Qualified, third-party support can help you increase your cost savings and minimize disruption. For example, a provider can freeze and archive your current environment while you migrate to their support platform; or it can offer support improvement and efficiency—ongoing risk management is just one example of that.

The key is to elevate your Oracle software support experience, while helping to generate cost savings, to achieve positive business outcomes… and stay agile for innovation.

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