Accelerate your journey to AI with our curated 2020 webinar playlist — all available on-demand.

In Entering the New Normal, Forrester predicts that “Smart firms will retire technical debt fast, then ride the tech disruption wave.” Technical debt in the form of legacy systems and disparate outdated tools not only drains IT resources but can also hinder efforts toward innovation.

Digital transformation through artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies shed technical debt and “ride the tech disruption wave,” but it requires a modern, solid information architecture. IBM Cloud Pak® for Data is a unified data and AI platform that provides a robust foundation for AI by modernizing how companies collect, organize, and analyze data.

Accelerate your journey to AI with our curated 2020 webinar playlist — all available on-demand. We will cover the latest updates to our integrated platform, its cost savings and flexible deployment options, as well as its all-inclusive services for data management, DataOps, and data science.

Shore up your platform with multicloud deployment models

IBM Cloud Pak for Data can be deployed on any cloud or on-premises. Learn about some of the latest updates to the platform’s deployment options, including the addition of IBM Cloud Pak® for Data as a Service for a fully managed experience, updates to IBM Cloud Pak for Data System for a “cloud-in-a-box” experience, and updates to the platform with version 3.5 released in November 2020.

Save costs by modernizing your infrastructure with a unified data and AI platform 

IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data is purposely built to deliver significant cost savings while laying the foundation for a modern data architecture for successful AI. Join these webinars to learn about some of the cost savings and ROI that enterprises can achieve when integrating this platform for their data and AI strategy. 

  • Forrester & IBM: Accelerate and optimize your insight engine: Hear from Forrester Research and IBM as they share insights and market trends about the need for enterprise insight platforms, such as IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Learn how a unified insight platform can help you scale AI across the organization, while decreasing costs and reducing risk. 
  • The Projected Total Economic Impact of an integrated data and AI platform: What’s the ROI businesses are achieving with IBM Cloud Pak for Data? Join this webinar with IBM’s Data & AI VP of Development and Forrester Research to hear about the state of the AI market and the benefits clients are realizing when adopting IBM Cloud Pak for Data, including a three-year projected ROI ranging from 86% to 158%. 
  • Forrester and IBM Cloud Pak for Data Podcast Series (Podcast 1 and Podcast 2): Listen to our new podcasts with IBM Cloud Pak Chief Product Officer (CPO), IBM Data and AI VP of Global Sales, and Forrester Research to learn about the cost savings of IBM Cloud Pak for Data, including benefits from tool consolidation, data storage services, and enterprise-level governance. 

The benefits of cloud native infrastructure from Red Hat and multicloud functionality 

One of IBM Cloud Pak for Data’s greatest strengths is its ability to run on any cloud or on-premises environment. This is thanks to the platform’s integrated foundation of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Join the webinars below to hear about the benefits of running the platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a scalable, high-performance environment for all your data and AI projects. 

  • Red Hat enables best of three worlds with IBM Cloud Pak for Data: What happens when you combine the power of Red Hat OpenShift with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and AWS? Hear from all three companies in this webinar to learn how IBM’s data and AI platform helps AWS users realize the flexibility and security of OpenShift, while gaining a strong data foundation for their business.
  • Next-Generation Data and AI: IBM Cloud Pak for Data on AWS: Join IBM and Amazon Web Services to learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Data running on AWS can create a strong data foundation for your business and help automate the end-to-end AI lifecycle. Hear from the experts and see a demo to learn more. 

Access data no matter where it lives for faster, complete insights

AI is only as good as its data, and an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is vital in helping companies gain a complete view of their data and business insights. Join these webinars to see how our powerful EDW, Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, can help companies unlock the value of highly complex, diverse and large data sets in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Protect trust and security in data with an end-to-end data governance practice

Data governance is one of the most pressing issues facing organizations today. A modern data catalog such as IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog on IBM Cloud Pak for Data can help companies meet regulatory compliance and get on the fast track to AI with clean, trusted, and secure data.

Predict outcomes and optimize your business with modern data science

How can you ensure your business stays resilient and agile in a rapidly evolving business landscape? Data science and machine learning can improve operational efficiencies, create more accurate forecasts, and drive better business outcomes. Join these webinars to see best practices and how Watson Studio, the “crown jewel” of IBM Cloud Pak for Data, can help you build, run, and manage AI models at scale.

  • CxO to CxO on scaling AI for growth and innovation: CxO involvement for AI is now the norm, rather than the exception. Join Michael Murray, President and Chief Product Officer of Wunderman Thompson Data and Seth Dobrin, VP of Data and AI and Chief Data Officer, IBM to explore real-world, executive perspectives on AI-powered growth for Wunderman Thompson Data clients and beyond.
  • DevOps for AI – why, what and how: Rapidly move AI from experimentation to the real world with ModelOps, an approach that brings app development, data science and opensource technologies together to operationalize AI. Gain insights from IBM experts and Michael Gualtieri, VP & Principal Analyst, Artificial Intelligence, at Forrester Research.
  • 3-part data science webinar series: Watson Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data: In this series, we will show you how to develop an integrated approach to AI that increases predictability and optimization across various use cases, from customer experience to risk management.
    • Part 1: What can you do when your models no longer work?: Learn how to improve outdated models with advanced model monitoring, explainable AI, and decision optimization.
    • Part 2: Forecast accuracy with integrated sales and product lifecycle management: Deep dive into sales forecasting techniques that improve campaign efficiency, inventory management, and operational agility.
    • Part 3: What’s new with data science – Advancements in Watson Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Check out Watson Studio innovations on the latest version of IBM Cloud Pak for Data v3.5, including accelerated deep learning and multicloud ModelOps deployment from edge to hybrid clouds.

With this comprehensive 2020 list, you can create a data and AI playlist that’s right for the needs of your business as you look forward to your strategies for 2021. Learn more about IBM Cloud Pak for Data by visiting here or booking a consultation, or give it a spin with our seven-day, no-cost trial

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