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At IBM Cloud, we feel it’s important to recognize when our customers push the boundaries of possibility with the public cloud.

Get to know these 10 companies enhancing their client-centric strategies with support of the enterprise grade services, open innovation, and security leadership of IBM’s public cloud.

1. The Weather Company: Preparing for unpredictable scale

When extreme weather hits, most companies expect a slowdown in web traffic; not The Weather Company. The average of 30 million daily users can increase to over 100 million in a matter of hours or minutes. Knowing customer safety leaves no room for error, The Weather Company uses IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, IBM Cloud Virtual Servers, IBM Cloud Object Storage, and IBM Watson Media to meet its need for hyper-scalable platforms and reliable localized weather data.

Find out more about The Weather Company on IBM Cloud.

2. American Airlines: Bringing responsive services to travelers’ fingertips

When it comes to customer experience, American Airlines understands the impact of reliable data and scalability. Together with IBM, American Airlines created the Dynamic Reacomm, a customer-facing app allowing travelers to view all rebooking options and pick the best one for them.

During app testing in 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the US, causing widespread destruction and travel delays. American Airlines, confident in the enterprise grade reliability and scalability of the IBM public cloud, allowed for immediate deployment of the app to all their customers traveling throughout US airports.

Read the incredible story.

3. US Tennis Association (USTA): Raising performance with AI and analytics

Televised sports regularly use IBM SlamTracker for scores and statistics. Thanks to IBM Watson OpenScale and other IBM public cloud services, fans watching the 2019 US Open were able to enjoy additional features, such as interactive experiences, near-instant updates, and AI-driven highlights. Innovation doesn’t stop with fans, however—the USTA and IBM now have IBM Coach Advisor, an AI-driven app that allows coaches to use real-time performance insights to improve training strategies. With IBM Coach Advisor, the USTA is leading the revolution of the athletic coaching experience.

Read more about the USTA and IBM innovations.

4. RSG Media: Making connections between media and consumers

RSG Media delivers far-reaching insights and connections to the media ecosystem through the combined power of art and science. For a TV network, studio, distributor, VOD, or OTT service dealing with rising audience diversification, understanding when, where, how, and to whom you can best promote your content is vital for growth.

Using a host of IBM public cloud services, including IBM API Connect, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, IBM Watson Studio, and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, RSG Media provides quickly scalable and flexible resources to enable an easy-to-use, enhanced focus on business enablement strategies.

Read more about RSG Media solutions.

5. FacePhi: Improving the banking experience with biometrics

How can banks get more customers to use digital banking without compromising security at login? FacePhi, a leader in biometric authentication, has the answer. Selphi, a cloud-based service, uses facial biometrics from customer selfies for fast and secure account authentication. Already present in banks across Spain and Latin America and boasting authentication times under one second, FacePhi is helping to digitally transform the banking industry with the help of IBM’s public cloud security and AI services.

Learn more about FacePhi and Selphi.

6. FaceMe: Achieving real-life interactions with Digital Humans

Using IBM Cloud bare metal servers and Watson Analytics, FaceMe creates some of the most lifelike Digital Humans in the market today. These avatars do more than answer basic customer inquiries; they recognize human facial expressions and emotions. As customer interactions increase, the IBM public cloud-driven interpretation models improve. Across a range of service industries—from banking to healthcare—FaceMe Digital Humans can help grow brand loyalty, build trust, and increase customer engagement.

Read more about FaceMe Digital Humans.

7. UBS: Revolutionizing the banking world

One company using FaceMe Digital Human technology to enhance customer engagement is Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS. Supported by IBM’s public cloud, the two UBS digital assistants, Fin and Daniel Kalt, enhance the speed, depth, and accuracy of customer interactions, resulting in stronger customer-advisor relationships, increased brand value, and reinforcement of UBS as an industry leader.

Learn more about the UBS avatars.

8. Jenzabar: Improving higher learning services

Higher-learning institutions are pressured to deliver customizable student experiences with responsive digital tools. Jenzabar leverages a range of SaaS solutions—including security with Veeam on IBM Cloud and a private VMware vSphere on IBM Cloud virtualization platform running on IBM Cloud bare metal servers—to allow institutions to meet public cloud infrastructure and service needs without taking time and money away from their students.

Learn more about Jenzabar in higher education.

9. Guardio: Combating cyberbullying day and night

If any company is combating the pitfalls of the digital age with digital advancements, it is Guardio. Using an AI-based service on IBM Cloud, Guardio helps parents protect their children against cyberbullying day and night. This service relies on IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier and IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding, delivered on the IBM public cloud, to securely examine messages and help pinpoint cases of bullying. Currently available for WhatsApp and Instagram, it has a false-positive rate of less than 0.01 percent.

Learn more about Guardio’s ground-breaking service.

10. WatsomApp: Stopping bullying with predictive gamification

The average time to identify a case of bullying in school is nine months; with the gamification system from WatsomApp and IBM’s public cloud, it could be as little as one month. The game is used to identify classroom personas and alert educators to students with a high-risk potential for bullying or being bullied. Concurrently, WatsomApp’s chatbot, fueled by IBM Watson, engages students at school, providing an easier way for students to speak safely about their problems.

Learn more about WatsomApp.

Taking innovation to the cloud

These 10 companies bring innovative, life-changing value to families, businesses and the world, and they do it with the secure, open, innovative, enterprise grade IBM public cloud.

We celebrate these ongoing achievements and hope you find inspiration in their stories as you look to your own future. What more could your business achieve? What lives could you help improve? How will you innovate on the most open and secure public cloud for business?

Learn more about IBM Cloud products and read more on how businesses are using the IBM public cloud to build a better tomorrow.

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