IBM Blockchain client success stories


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Supply Chain

Bolster your supply chain with multi-tier visibility and workflow automation. This matters more today, as consumers demand product authenticity and sustainability, and businesses demand data integrity and faster reconciliation between their partners. Learn more about how Home Depot, Renault, and Atea are putting blockchain to work.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is using IBM Blockchain to expedite reconciliation process by allowing their receiver team and vendors to access shared near real time data of packages and shipments across its supply chain.


Groupe Renault, Simoldes, Faurecia, and Knauf are coming together to develop and deploy the XCEED (eXtended Compliance End-to-End Distributed) blockchain platform to certify the compliance of all vehicle components, from design to production.


Atea is partnering with the Norwegian Seafood Association, Nova Sea, BioMar and IBM to set the industry standard for seafood​ ​products with blockchain. See how this blockchain network supports improved transparency, sustainability, and food integrity for the seafood industry.


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Digital Credentials and Identity

Provide verifiable credentials such as personal health and education records in a privacy-preserving way, allowing an individual to manage their information through an encrypted digital wallet on their personal device and maintain control of what they share, with whom and for what purpose. Read below to see the benefits of the Ethos Veterinary Health, New York State, and True Tickets.

Ethos Veterinary Health

Ethos Veterinary Health enables employers, educators, learners and job seekers to work together to develop skilled workers and get the right people in the right jobs. Learn how a secure and trusted blockchain-based infrastructure for managing and sharing skills-based credentials works for the benefit of everyone.

New York State

The State of New York is using blockchain-enabled IBM Digital Health Pass to allow each individual to present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result to enter public facilities without compromising their personal medical data.

True Tickets

True Tickets provides a contactless digital ticketing, enabled by the IBM Blockchain Platform, that’s both scalable and secure while integrating with existing ticketing platforms and CRMs. The service makes buying, selling, and transferring entertainment tickets simple and safe.


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Digital Assets

Creation of a unique digital representation of an asset goes beyond traditional financial instruments and enables you to trade all kinds of assets with more liquidity and speed at lower cost. Tokenize and manage the full lifecycle of your digital assets on a secure, scalable platform with risk and compliance programs specific to digital assets. Read on to learn more about IPwe, Hex Trust, and Banque de France.


IPwe launched the world’s first blockchain-based patent registry and developed tools such as smart pooling, natural language processing-based summaries of patents, and advanced portfolio analytics all using IBM Blockchain, AI, cloud and IBM Global Business Services. This next major innovation includes the creation of a platform and ecosystem for the trading of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, representing patents.

Hex Trust

By securely connecting capital and service providers across the digital asset ecosystem, Hex Trust is removing barriers to blockchain technologies for financial institutions. In this way, the company is helping to fast-track the transformation of financial markets.

Banque de France

France’s central bank has executed a series of bond transactions to leverage blockchain, using its own digital currency as part of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilot. This pilot is led by Euroclear alongside a group of France’s largest financial market participants including Agence France Trésor, BNP Paribas CIB, Crédit Agricole CIB, HSBC, and Societe Generale.


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Empower a resilient, sustainable future for your business. Innovative companies and industry leaders are embracing sustainability to drive new value for their businesses. Harness the power of blockchain to enhance social good and enable businesses to help solve global problems. Discover how TenneT/Equigy, RCS Global, and Newlight are leading the movement.


Equigy and its shareholder TSOs have embarked on a first-of-a-kind implementation of blockchain technology in the energy industry in Europe. Their grid balancing platform built together with IBM is a cloud-based, distributed, permissioned ledger system that provides an immutable record of transactions communicated between the TSOs and their energy partners.

RCS Global

The Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network (RSBN), built on IBM Blockchain Platform and assured by RCS Global Group, is providing the transparency, trust and security that are needed to demonstrate responsible sourcing for cobalt. What’s more, the underlying infrastructure that we’ve built for RSBN can be used to jump-start any sustainable sourcing initiative.

Newlight Technologies

Newlight Technologies creates high-performance consumer goods from greenhouse gas. Blockchain ensures product processes and impact on the environment can be tracked, audited and communicated.