Webinar: Trust Your Supplier — A new blockchain-based solution for a faster way to qualify, onboard and manage suppliers

A better way to manage supplier information

Delivering on your customer promises starts with suppliers delivering for you. No matter how strong your supply chain team may be, finding the right suppliers to meet your business needs is costly and time consuming.

Trust Your Supplier is changing all that with a secure, blockchain-based solution for identifying, onboarding and managing qualified suppliers, no matter what industry you’re in. Find out why IBM uses Trust Your Supplier.

A rich set of features to enhance the supplier management process end to end

Accelerate supplier onboarding

Speed the onboarding process and reduce manual processes through an immutable record of new vendor details. IBM’s experience: as much as a 70% reduction in onboarding cycle time.

Lower procurement operating costs

Reduce expenses related to supplier qualification, validation and lifecycle management. IBM’s experience: as much as a 50% reduction in supplier acquisition costs.

Reduce compliance risk

Confirm supplier qualifications with access to current data about ISO certification, diversity indexes, sustainability ratings and more.

Speed new supplier assessments

See if a new supplier is qualified to do what you need and has a track record for reliability with access to performance ratings, reviews, and vetted answers to common RFI questions.

Access verified data

Third parties like D&B, EcoVadis and others validate supplier records, help fill in missing information and perform watch-list screenings while banks validate account information and financial health.

Streamline insight sharing

Trust Your Supplier offers personalized dashboards for surfacing relevant supplier information. Interface by web application or via integration with SAP Ariba and other popular procurement platforms.

Trust Your Supplier Onboarding Service

Realize value faster when you join Trust Your Supplier. IBM Blockchain Consulting Services leverages proven expertise and Trust Your Supplier experience to help buyers rapidly onboard existing suppliers to a network.


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