Explore the benefits of supply chain visibility, building brand trust, increasing efficiencies, and sharing with partners with IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply.

Supply chain transparency for your industries


Enable transparency across multiple supply chain partners

Sharing data is good for business. Sharing data on an enterprise blockchain platform is even better because you decide who can see your data. With a supply chain transparency solution, you can create an immutable, distributed and shared ledger to transact with your supply chain partners in a more trusted and efficient way. In a world where speed, accuracy and connectivity define optimal supply chains, blockchain is essential.

The IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply solution provides a blockchain platform that enables companies to build their own data-sharing ecosystem with trusted supply chain partners.


Ensure provenance and quality to build a trusted brand

Authenticate product origins and demonstrate brand differentiators to consumers to deepen engagement by enabling them to learn about an item’s production journey with permissioned blockchain data.

Improve forecasting with better demand signaling

Trace inventory throughout the supply chain in near real-time and optimize it with automatic replenishment to reduce stock-outs and excess inventory, enhance consignment, and enable dynamic pricing.

Reduce friction within your supply chain

Get end-to-end visibility to reduce the administrative costs of handling dispute resolutions, conducting product recalls, demonstrating compliance and sharing documentation with business partners.

Next-generation supply chains with blockchain

Join Constellation Research and IBM for a discussion about the unique value blockchain can offer to supply chains.

Supply chain transparency use cases

IBM and eProvenance announce VinAssure™

How to preserve the quality and integrity of wine — with blockchain. See how VinAssure helps increase efficiency, traceability and profitability across the wine supply chain.

Farmer Connect reaches coffee industry

Built for the coffee industry, this blockchain platform connects farmers to consumers and back, in a way that builds shared value and is transforming the industry.

Atea’s Seafood Provenance Network catches on

This blockchain network supports improved transparency, sustainability and food integrity for the seafood industry.


In-depth guide to blockchain

Explore our guide to learn what blockchain technology is, how it works, and why businesses are adopting it to increase trust and transparency in their industries.

Blockchain supply chain solutions

Handle disruptions and resolve issues faster by strengthening your supply chain with a blockchain solution that helps you build trust and stronger relationships with your supply chain partners.

Supply chain visibility software and solutions

Gain increased visibility into supply chain transactions with software and solutions that provide real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations to reduce disruption mitigation time.

Blockchain innovation explained by IBM clients

Hear from IBM Business Partners and clients about how their blockchain innovations are ensuring consumer confidence and trust, enhancing transparency, and driving end-to-end efficiency throughout their supply chains.

The potential ROI of IBM Blockchain

Identify cost savings and business benefits of working with IBM Blockchain by looking at research based on Forrester’s TEI methodology, financial model framework, case studies and interviews.

Learn more about blockchain

Discover blockchain through studies, webinars, ebooks and interactive tools. Learn why businesses worldwide are adopting the technology.

Transform your supply chain operations

IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply is now part of IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite, an AI-based supply chain optimization and automation solution that helps improve supply chain resiliency, increase agility and accelerate time-to-value. This integrated application suite provides actionable insights, smarter workflows and intelligent automation for faster problem resolution and more efficient supply chain operations.

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