Getting COVID-19 responders the equipment they need

Industry experts and IBM leadership discuss how IBM Rapid Supplier Connect can help you purchase essential supplies at scale. Buyers from hospitals, state procurement divisions, pharmacies and others can now get help identifying new suppliers.

Respond to the shortage of critical goods needed today

IBM Rapid Supplier Connect™ makes it possible for buyers and suppliers – including non-traditional suppliers joining the fight to help keep hospitals and key support organizations ready – to quickly find each other, accelerate verification and onboarding processes, and gain near real-time insights into inventories of life-saving equipment. It combines a scalable blockchain for business network, proven supply chain solutions, and a network of dedicated industry and technical experts.

IBM Rapid Supplier Connect leverages:

Trust Your Supplier

Trust Your Supplier is a blockchain-enabled, trusted source of supplier information and digital identity that reduces risk while simplifying and accelerating supplier onboarding and supplier management.

Rapid Onboarding and Support Team

The Rapid Support Center team includes both industry and technical experts to help you quickly onboard suppliers and get started on the Rapid Supplier Connect network.

IBM Rapid Supplier Connect

Together, we can mount an unprecedented response. We’re here to help you with IBM Rapid Supplier Connect onboarding and inventory availability. Talk to an expert to learn more before signing up.