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Identification and credentials are easier for everyone to work with when they’re digital: vaccination cards, academic qualifications, occupational licenses, employee ID and more. But this highly personal information must remain private and secure. 

Governments, businesses and educational institutions are turning to blockchain as a proven way to enable a secure and trusted infrastructure and improve services.


Speeds and promotes trust

With blockchain technology, information about identity is auditable, traceable and verifiable — in just seconds. Individuals can curate their own profiles and control data sharing. Issuers easily connect with others and provide nearly instant verification of credentials. All participants are empowered by a platform anchored in trust.

Private and secure

The blockchain-based platform handles the infrastructure and security without exposing any of the data used to generate credentials. Only permissioned network participants have access, and all actions and business processes are tamperproof and permanently captured as blockchain transactions.

Flexible and agile

Built on the guiding principles of open standards and interoperability, IBM’s ready-to-use blockchain-based offerings work with credentialling solutions around the world. This simplifies credential sharing, and builds the trust chain from wallet to wallet and to enterprise systems. Create a solution or join an existing network. Customize the network using the tools of your choice.


IBM Digital Credentials

Work with IBM to leverage this secure and trusted blockchain-based platform to build the unique capabilities you need to issue, manage and verify digital credentials. IBM Digital Credentials provides individuals and organizations with a security-rich hub for credentials accumulated over a lifetime.

Learning Credential Network

Great jobs await great candidates, but matchmaking is difficult. Join the Learning Credential Network, built by IBM and its partners, to help learners, job seekers, employers and educators collaborate to develop skilled workers, and get the right people in the right jobs.

IBM Digital Health Pass

Need to verify vaccination status or COVID-19 test results? Leverage the foundation of IBM Digital Health Pass to create a secure, voluntary, digital alternative to verify health credentials for employees, customers, fans, travelers and students entering a location, based on your own criteria.


Blockchain blog

Securing an identity on blockchain makes it easier to comply with KYC (know your customer) requirements and enables a seamless exchange of documents.

Podcast: Digital credentials and future protection

“Fragile” online identities are an avoidable problem. Hear a discussion on fraud prevention, verifiable forms of ID, and blockchain use cases.

Watch: Digital identity management

With all your forms of identification and all your daily transactions, how much of your identifiable personal information do you really control?

Blockchain resources

Studies, events, interactives, and webinars to help you learn more about blockchain and get the most out of your blockchain investment.

Blockchain use cases

Be inspired by innovators transforming their businesses with blockchain. You can join an existing blockchain network or work with us to create your own.

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