The value of IBM Food Trust

New levels of transparency, quicker recalls, better standardized communication and protection of brand value. That’s what IBM Food Trust provides for its participants and others across the food supply chain. As an authorized user, you have immediate access to shared, actionable food supply data through integrated IBM Blockchain-powered modules for faster traceability and more confidence in provenance.

Expedite food traceability

Expedite food traceability

See the provenance, location and status of any food product on the supply chain to quickly address food safety issues.

Simplify certification management

Upload, manage, share and view all inspection and certification records for consistent, simultaneous access to documents among authorized participants.

Simplify certification management

Work with food innovators and influencers

Natural collaborators and longtime competitors alike are sharing value, leveraging insights and improving standards for all. Limited availability currently. General availability to be announced later this year.


different food items now running on IBM Food Trust


can participate: growers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers and others.

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