Trace your food products in seconds. In a transparent and secure network, you can gain visibility upstream or downstream, view location or status, and verify credibility or safety. The Trace module enables effective management and food safety across your entire food system.


Prove sustainability and provenance with ease by securely managing certificates throughout the entire supply chain. And with instant access to digitized records and documents, you can choose to share or view data – improving trust, reducing fraud, and enabling reliability.

Fresh Insights

Gain deep insights into supply chain efficiencies. Analyze in seconds where and how your fresh product is spending time with inventory flow, average dwell time, time-since-harvest, and more. You can have fresher products and less waste for a more sustainable food ecosystem. Additional APIs available to purchase as add-ons to your subscription.

Virtually Guided Onboarding

Onboarding onto IBM Food Trust requires uploading data about your product life-cycle: from harvesting to manufacturing to transportation, by item, location, and purchase order. With Virtually Guided Onboarding, an expert is here to help you every step of the way.

Standard Support for IBM Food Trust

You can have Standard Support as a monthly add-on. This ‘one-stop shop’ comes with customer support via the IBM Support Portal, which enables ticket creation and updates, ability to attach documents, and simplified search capabilities.

Become a Trusted Provider to generate new opportunities with Food Trust

Take the next step to building a smarter food ecosystem by becoming a member of the Trusted Provider Program.

Are you interested in offering any of these services to your customers?

  • Value-added services, including onboarding, integration and support.
  • Enhance your solution(s) with the integration of Food Trust modules.
  • Enable hardware and instrumentation to upload data to Food Trust modules.
  • Design and deliver new extension modules for Food Trust.


How do I invite others to join?

All food ecosystem participants can join IBM Food Trust, via tiered modules available to buy in IBM Marketplace. You can connect to your partners and define what information is shared when you define your transactions. IBM Food Trust provides users and stakeholders with real-time, instant access to business-critical information from which everyone benefits.

What technology is required to use IBM Food Trust?

Being a Software as a Service solution (SaaS), a browser and access to internet is needed to run the IBM Food Trust applications. Also there are APIs available for data upload and integration with your ERP system. Learn more:

What data types are leveraged and what APIs are available for IBM Food Trust?

Please visit our Developer Zone for further information on APIs and data types.

What are the steps required for onboarding onto IBM Food Trust?

Onboarding to IBM Food Trust starts with:

  • assembling your team of food supply chain experts and data integration experts
  • identifying your facilities and products
  • defining your product scenarios
  • uploading data and setting up permissions

Looking for hands-on guidance? With Virtually Guided Onboarding sessions, IBM experts will lead you through the entire process.

Take the next step to be part of a safer food supply

Need assistance building your IBM Food Trust solution? Our team can help you assemble the modules that fit your business needs.