Building trust in our food system

Integrity, efficiency, and trust are desired attributes in the food system. However, each industry faces a distinctive set of challenges in building that trust, delivering end-to-end visibility, and reducing friction across global supply chains. IBM Food Trust™ is working together with industry leaders to make blockchain innovation uniquely valuable and efficient across industries.

Explore how these industries are using Food Trust:

Agriculture commodities

Helping fix visibility gaps into environmental issues, economic sustainability, labor, fraud and sourcing.

Food logistics

Dealing with fragmented transportation networks and the demanding requirements for proper food shipment.

Fresh produce

Know the origins and quality of farm products. Learn how to be alerted to shrinkage and spoilage.


Learn how to handle the complexity of global supply chains, from logistical hurdles to siloed information.


Meeting the challenge of visibility into ingredient origins, and monitoring product handling and storage.


 Find out how to help preserve a healthy bottom line and maintain customer trust during a time of difficult challenges.


Helping close the gaps in transparency to solve issues around waste, mislabeling and consumer hesitation.

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