By clicking “create account”  I agree on my behalf and on behalf of the company or organization I represent that use of the Cloud Service is provided as a Preview offering governed by the terms and conditions in IBM Cloud Services Agreement and the Service Description document for IBM Food Trust Documents, and the additional limitations and conditions below:

  1. The Cloud Service is a no-charge Preview offered for access and use of the service through August 20, 2020.
  2. The Preview service includes, at no charge, access to the IBM Food Trust Documents offering, but does not include any other add-on parts or services.
  3. IBM will make support services for this offering available, provided that any such support will be provided on an as-available, commercially reasonable basis only, with no response time or resolution time objectives. 


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The Cloud Services Agreement (CSA) and applicable Attachments and Transaction Documents (TDs) are the consolidated agreement regarding transactions under this CSA (together, the "Agreement") under which Client may order Cloud Services.


SLA - sd-7968-09

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