How can IBM Blockchain solutions change the way you do business?

Right now, companies around the world are using IBM Blockchain solutions to trace food in seconds instead of days, speed shipments through a single and secure view of the truth, and help bypass an outdated international payments system with simultaneous clearing and settlement of cross-border transactions.

These solutions and others are waiting for you. Find out how our open-source platform, services led by 1,500 technical and industry experts, and partner network of peers and vendors can turn your blockchain vision into business reality.

Join the power of many

IBM Food Trust™: trust and transparency for our food

Growers, distributors and retailers are making food safer by enhancing visibility and accountability in every step of the food supply.

IBM Blockchain World Wire: clearing and settlement of payments in seconds

Global transactions just got easier and faster with this new financial rail that simultaneously clears and settles cross-border payments in near real-time.

TradeLens: delivering greater supply chain visibility

Depend on one truth across the supply chain with a new, open and neutral platform updated and validated in real time by each network participant.

IBM Blockchain Trusted Identity: decentralized identity management

Learn how IBM Blockchain Trusted Identity™ is joining forces with others to build the internet’s long missing, decentralized identity layer.

IBM Blockchain Platform: the blockchain foundation for your enterprise solutions

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Robust and built to perform

IBM Blockchain Platform is the only business-ready platform to support the full lifecycle of a multi-organization blockchain network.

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Develop, govern and operate with ease

Significantly reduce development time on an enterprise-hardened platform that’s optimized with open-source Hyperledger Fabric.

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Enjoy flexible deployment options

You can now leverage blockchain for business value in more computing environments, including on-premises, with your cloud provider, or multi-cloud.

Supporting you end-to-end

IBM Blockchain Services: expertise to get you started and innovating

IBM has led hundreds of clients across industries and around the world on dozens of value-producing blockchain networks and solutions. Over 1,500 technical and industry experts are here to help you achieve tangible outcomes that uncover new revenue streams, save time, cut costs and reduce risk.

IBM Blockchain Ecosystem: finding exactly the expertise you need

To bring you access to valuable new channels, innovative technology and resources to accelerate growth, and IBM’s exclusive strategic partnerships, we’ve built a deep ecosystem of organizations that can assist with the creation of your network.

Hosted by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger is a global, open-source collaborative effort created by over 250 companies to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Create blockchain solutions and activate your network on a platform that grows with you — from proof of concept to pilot to secure, fully scalable production network.

What’s the potential ROI of IBM Blockchain?

We commissioned a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report to help you identify the cost, benefits, flexibilities and risk factors of working with IBM Blockchain. The research is based on Forrester’s TEI methodology, financial model framework and case studies, plus interviews with IBM Blockchain stakeholders and customers. Register now to watch our latest webinar and read the report to project your cost savings and the business benefits of working with IBM Blockchain.

What will we solve together?

Now is a great time to discuss how IBM Blockchain can help move your enterprise ahead.

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