Discover the IBM Blockchain Platform

Build on a complete blockchain platform

Turn your blockchain idea into a transformative, value-producing network with the highly-secure, open-source power of the IBM Blockchain Platform using Hyperledger Composer and Hyperledger Fabric.

Develop, govern and operate with ease

Significantly reduce development time, leverage policy-based governance tools and more — all backed by always-on operations to support mission-critical workloads.

Count on the security of the IBM Cloud

IBM offers the highest level of blockchain security available, IBM Z. Protect against malware and insider attacks while seamlessly integrating your blockchain solution with data and systems already on the mainframe.

IBM Blockchain Services

Only IBM has led hundreds of clients across industries and around the world in starting, accelerating and innovating dozens of value-producing blockchain networks and solutions. 

Over 1,500 technical and industry experts are here to help you achieve tangible outcomes that uncover new revenue streams, save time, cut costs and reduce risk.

IBM Blockchain at work

Discover how enterprises are revolutionizing the way their industries work.

Food safety network: IBM Food Trust™

Growers, distributors, retailers and others enhancing visibility and accountability in each step of the food supply.

Private equity network

Real-time insights, increased efficiency, security and transparency for fund managers and investors.

Trusted identity network:

Helping consumers instantly verify and protect identities for bank accounts, driver’s licenses and more.

Collaborate with open-source technology

Hyperledger technologies provides the framework and tool set for IBM Blockchain solutions and services.

Hosted by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger is a global, open-source collaborative effort created by over 220 companies to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Try the free development tool that introduces you to how easy it is to turn business concepts into blockchain code. 

Create blockchain solutions and activate your network on the platform that grows with you — from proof of concept to pilot to secure, fully scalable production network.

What will we solve together?