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For industry first-movers and network founders, this is how blockchain promise becomes business reality. Wherever you are in your blockchain journey, IBM Blockchain Services can help you get started quickly, accelerate to production and innovate to create new value.

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•  Ability to execute: Scale and growth, Experience, and Value chain coverage
•  Innovation capability: Intellectual property, and Investments
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Fast start your project

To get you started on your blockchain journey, we’ll help you focus on business outcomes, prioritize use cases and develop a minimum viable product (MVP).

What we do:

Driven by IBM Garage™ Methodology, we help you validate your use case, identify network participants and assess the business value of your idea.

What you get:

IBM Blockchain Services establishes your business case and delivers a minimum viable product (MVP).

How they did it: AAIS

The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) wanted to automate insurance regulatory reporting and streamline compliance requirements. Here’s how we helped them build their MVP in six weeks.

Accelerate to production

Launch your pilot and move into production, defining your network’s operating model, governance rules, onboarding processes for new members and more.

What we do:

IBM Blockchain Services unleashes deep expertise to set up your consortium and its governance; guides legal entity creation and regulatory compliance; leads funding models and monetization policy; recruits and onboards network members, and deploys your network on the IBM Blockchain Platform in the infrastructure of your choice.

What you get:

Our business and technical experts help you create and deploy an enterprise-grade blockchain network processing real transactions, supported by a validated business case and a clear, actionable roadmap for the future.

How they did it: and seven European banks brought their blockchain-based trade finance pilot to us. Here’s Roberto Mancone, co-founder of, describing the process of bringing their network to life – and how it’s launching a global trade transformation.

Innovate to create new value

Integrate with new technologies and interoperate with other networks to scale your solution, unlocking transformative new value.

What we do:

To continue your blockchain success, we help you extend member recruitment and onboarding; assess and maintain network performance; integrate technologies like IoT, AI, Advanced Analytics and others; release new features and interconnect with other blockchain networks.

What you get:

Depending on your desired business outcome, IBM Blockchain Services provides you with a live, scaled network providing real returns, a network growth strategy including new and innovative features, and more.

How they did it: Golden State Foods

By leveraging IBM Food Trust™ and IBM Blockchain Services, Golden State Foods is combining blockchain, cognitive analytics and IoT to pilot a new food freshness solution. Read how Chief Technology Officer Guilda Javaheri describes their collaboration with us.

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Top industry and technical experts. Unrivaled network-convening prowess. And the leading blockchain for business platform. Learn how to become one of the visionary companies around the world driving game-changing outcomes with IBM Blockchain Services.


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Take a guided tour of our platform, led by our technical experts. Topics include: getting started, new features and modules, and a deeper look into VSCode. Q&A follows.

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Based on IBM Blockchain Services client experience, The Founder’s Handbook is a step-by-step guide to identifying business problems, building an ecosystem, business models, governance, legal considerations and more.

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