Why IBM Food Trust?

Explore the key advantages of our blockchain solution for the food supply chain

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The value created by a blockchain-enabled network grows with increased membership and participation, making ecosystem growth and diversity key.

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IBM Food Trust has hundreds of companies on its growing platform, from grower, to food manufacturers, to retailers. Our ecosystem members range from small, medium and large enterprises, bringing together some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Dole, Nestlé, Walmart and Carrefour.

Building a rich, diverse and trusted network for the global food system.

Integrity, efficiency and trust are desired attributes in the food system. However, each industry faces a distinct set of challenges in building that trust, delivering end-to-end visibility and reducing friction across global supply chains. See how IBM Food Trust is working with key industries to ensure shared value and benefit for all.

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Business value for all participants

Successful blockchain platforms ensure that every network member benefits from participation.

With IBM Food Trust, we align value and incentives across the ecosystem in a way that makes sense for its members in addition to ensuring fast time-to-value for members, regardless of the company’s size.

The Food Trust platform is built to limit technology infrastructure spend and to ensure a positive return-on-investment in the early adoption stage with limited partners and products on the platform, so that both small and large companies can generate value quickly.

Additionally, the solution offers modules that address different business pain points, ensuring that various supply chain partners have the ability to generate value on the platform, regardless of their individual business needs.

“IBM Food Trust has helped Dole unlock the value of compliance data across our suppliers and partners.”
— Natalie Dyenson, Vice President, Food Safety and Quality, Dole


Governance designed to keep you in control

The building blocks of trust.

Our Governance model is built to ensure that all member organizations, third parties and users understand the policies and requirements for participation. The model covers data ownership and usage, membership factors, trust model, transaction policies and procedures, and rules regarding third-party networks and interoperability. Additionally, our Advisory Council comprised of a range of industry representatives helps set the rules of engagement for the blockchain community, ensuring that the solution benefits all.