Seafood on blockchain

The seafood industry experiences a number of pain points that stem from limited visibility into the global supply chain. Gaps in transparency can lead to issues around waste, mislabeling and consumer hesitation.


of seafood samples worldwide are mislabeled due to fraud or human error.

Source: Oceana


of seafood from select European countries when transported by air had higher temperatures than the recommended -1 degrees Celsius.

Source: Research Gate

Up to 47%

of the 4.7 billion pounds of seafood brought into the US each year is wasted due to unnecessary harvesting and production.


How can IBM Food Trust help?

IBM Food Trust™ deeply understands the challenges facing the seafood industry. That’s why we are dedicated to building trust and transparency and empowering collaboration throughout the global seafood ecosystem with blockchain.

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Building consumer demand and brand trust

The Consumer module shares the journey of your seafood, along with product details and/or sourcing information. Connect seafood shoppers to specific, permissioned information that helps influence buying decisions such as origin, ingredients, quality and sustainability practices.

Improving cold chain management and reducing waste

Our Insights capabilities module can provide near real-time supply chain data, including seafood temperature and location within the cold chain. Leveraging blockchain and IoT technology, Insights capabilities enable better temperature control for improved shelf life and decreased waste, as well as dynamically optimizing inventory management and product rotation.

Establishing proof of origin and preventing mislabeling

The Trace module enables end-to-end supply chain visibility. Know the provenance of seafood and its status as it travels from catch to fork for improved food integrity.

Supporting sustainability and quality standards

The Documents module allows users to upload, manage, edit and share any documents along the supply chain. Improve information management, certify provenance, ensure authenticity and demonstrate production standards—regardless of the type of document used.

Use case

Providing a competitive edge for a seafood producer invested in best practices

A niche producer that is investing in best practices, Raw Seafoods strives to differentiate their high-quality products within the seafood market. Providing information about their products’ journey to consumers not only enables them to stand out among the competition, it also allows them to drive demand among consumers who care deeply about understanding seafood origin, quality and fishing and farming practices.

With Food Trust, Raw Seafoods is now able to share information about their scallops’ origin, date of harvest and quality with partners and consumers. Collaborating across the supply chain and with Food Trust partners like Producers Market, Raw Seafoods shares the story of their scallops with consumers via QR codes on packaging and restaurant menus.

Initial results show that the sales of scallops involved in the blockchain initiative have increased more than 30% year-over-year. Raw Seafoods’ suppliers receive a premium for quality, and both the brand and restaurants are empowered to engage consumers more deeply with transparency and trust.

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