The IBM Blockchain Platform – now on more clouds for your business needs

The world’s leading blockchain for business platform bridges differences – different companies, different industries, different ways of working – to solve common goals. That now extends to different computing environments too.

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Run on the IBM Cloud

The IBM Blockchain Platform running on the IBM Cloud remains the recommended deployment environment for performance, security and resiliency through your entire blockchain journey.

Kubernetes Deployment

Interested in building a prototype blockchain network or app? The IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan, deployed via Kubernetes, is the perfect environment for developing and testing blockchain networks and applications prior to deploying to production.

LinuxONE option

Have demanding workloads, high security requirements and stringent regulatory standards? The IBM Blockchain Platform offers a LinuxONE infrastructure option specifically optimized for blockchain and integrated into IBM Cloud data centers.

Run in your private cloud (even on-premises)

Want to run blockchain behind your own firewall? The IBM Blockchain Platform makes it easy to manage costs, security and data sovereignty in ways that work for you.

Run on AWS

Prefer to run on AWS? The IBM Blockchain Platform uses Kubernetes to enable flexible deployment of Hyperledger Fabric runtime components on AWS — with more cloud providers coming soon.

Why choose the IBM Blockchain Platform?

Innovators around the world are reinventing business with the IBM Blockchain Platform. Built on open-source Hyperledger Fabric, it’s the easiest and fastest way for you to unlock the game-changing potential of blockchain for business on a global scale.

  • Easy-to-use development toolsets to help make any developer a blockchain developer
  • Support for multiple smart contract languages: Node.js, Go, Java and more
  • Rapid network creation with industry use case sample code
  • Operational dashboards and tools to simplify governance and management of your blockchain network
  • Add new members and create secure, private channels in seconds
  • Always-on, designed for rolling update migrations and zero network downtime
  • Production-ready operations, security and performance, plus 24x7x365 support for Hyperledger Fabric open-source code (available on Enterprise plan)
  • Thriving blockchain marketplace with IBM and third-party blockchain solutions