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Blockchain is more than technology. It’s a movement that's redefining our most important business relationships through trust, transparency and newfound collaboration.

It’s the work of visionaries — people who see the world differently and are compelled to help the rest of us believe in the art of the possible.

Blockparty is a celebration of these visionaries. This 5-part webinar series unites innovative business and technical leaders – rewriting the rules of their industries with the help of IBM Blockchain – with contemporary artists interpreting their contributions.

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Painting of a truck
Wire sculpture of female form
Celebrating the art of the possible in blockchain through the work of contemporary artists.
Abstract bar chart as sculpture
Painting with attached colored disks
Join Blockparty.

Hear from business and technical visionaries and see their work come to life in art.

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Artist assembling his exhibit

Episode 01

Ensuring consumer confidence and trust

The way a product or service is portrayed by marketers is an art form. But what if we could go beyond imagery and words to deliver the real story behind that product or service? IBM Blockchain is uniquely positioned to help, adding verifiable truth to the story that consumers can believe in and trust.

Learn how Nestlé is working with IBM Blockchain to prove the safety and authenticity of its products to live up to consumer expectations, while venture studio NuArca is bringing more trust to shareholder proxy voting for publicly traded companies.

Also watch how artist Jerry Business uses his unique photographic style to portray key moments from IBM Blockchain clients that lead to more consumer confidence and trust.

Join us for the series launch.
Episode 01 airs August 19, 2020.
Episode 01 aired August 19, 2020.
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Meet the Visionaries

Portrait of Benjamin Dubois
Benjamin Dubois
Manager, Blockchain Lead and Digital Transformation, Nestlé
Portrait of Todd Cooper
Todd Cooper
CEO & Co-founder, NuArca
Portrait of Jerry Cuomo
Jerry Cuomo
CTO Hybrid Cloud Integration, VP Blockchain Technology, IBM
Portrait of Jerry Business
Jerry Business
Photographer juxtaposing real-life settings with miniature toys to capture the intimacy of a moment
You’re part of the’re not just this consumer who’s buying something. You become a part of that chain.
— Jerry Business, artist
Jerry Business, photographer, proudly standing before his artwork
Photos by Jerry Business in an art gallery
Close-up photo of a doll in a supermarket
Photo of a doll with a shopping cart
Close-up photo of the wheels on a toy front loader shovel
Photo of a wheel loader toy
Close-up photo of Lego fishermen on a toy boat
Photo of toy boat with lego fishermen
Close-up photo of two dolls in a toy car
Jerry Business holding toy car with two dolls
Photos by Jerry Business in an art gallery
Gallery sign where Jerry Business explains his photography

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Episode 02

Providing enhanced transparency

Blockchain is achieving repeatable transformation at scale, making it possible for entire supply chains to work together more efficiently, with greater transparency and newfound trust from end to end.

Creating a new blockchain solution or network from scratch is a path some ecosystems have chosen. But a new class of blockchain networks are finding rapid success by leveraging existing solutions.

Discover how Farmer Connect has used IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply to create their own bespoke supply chain solution that allows coffee drinkers to trace the journey of their morning coffee beans to reward farmers in Central and South America.

Also learn how contemporary architectural artist Alex Garcia sees the power of IBM Transparent Supply to connect previously siloed supply chain data through a single, shared, permissioned view of the truth.

Episode 02 airs September 2, 2020.
See the work of visionaries come to life.
Episode 02 aired September 2, 2020.
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Meet the Visionaries

Portrait of Dave Behrends
Dave Behrends
Founder & President, Farmer Connect
Portrait of Paul Chang
Paul Chang
Global Blockchain Industry Leader, IBM
Portrait of Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia
Contemporary architectural artist who specializes in the use of form, structure and space to convey acts of transformation
I think it is important to be transparent. You know who you’re dealing with. You minimize frustrations. You know what to expect.
— Alex Garcia, artist
Alex Garcia in front of his artwork
Close-up of artwork by Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia explaining his artwork
Close-up of artwork by Alex Garcia
Work of contemporary architectural art by Alex Garcia
Gallery sign where Alex Garcia explains his art

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Episode 03

Building a smarter food supply

What if we could see and trust the full story of our food — from seed in the ground to servings on our table? Where did it come from? Who transported it along the way? How fresh is it? And if there’s an issue with it, how quickly and precisely can it be removed from the food supply without throwing out unaffected items? IBM Food Trust™ clients know these answers.

Learn how Walmart, a key platform partner to IBM Food Trust, is helping their customers and food supply partners feel more confident about food safety and provenance.

You'll also see how representational sculptor Marina Berlin interprets the benefits of IBM Food Trust through a multi-layered story of humanity, technology, transparency and trust.

Episode 03 airs September 16, 2020.
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Episode 03 aired September 16, 2020.
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Meet the Visionaries

Portrait of Tejas Bhatt
Tejas Bhatt
Senior Director, US and Global Food Safety Innovations, Walmart
Portrait of Anita Gardeva
Anita Gardeva
Head of Product Marketing, IBM Food Trust and IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply
Portrait of Marina Berlin
Marina Berlin
Industrial artist who creates representational sculptures of wire, space, light and shadow
Honest, truthful data is the most important thing, especially right now. It’s the only truth.
— Marina Berlin, artist
Wire sculpture by Marina Berlin
Close-ps of wire sculpture
Close-up of wire sculpture's hand
Close-up of a wire sculpture
Close-up of planted vegetables under wire sculpture
Marina Berlin with her wire sculptures in an art gallery
Gallery sign where Marina Berlin explains her art

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Episode 04

Creating sustainable ecosystems

In today's interconnected world, sustainability matters more than ever. Consumers now expect companies to take better care of the environment, source products responsibly and align with the values they believe in. Hear how Cognition Foundry and Plant AG are using IBM Blockchain to replace business as usual practices with transparency, responsibility and accountability in charting the path to a more sustainable future.

Also watch multidisciplinary artist Haoyun Erin Zhao interpret the interconnected nature of humanity and business; how decisions that companies make impact people who consume their products, how those people shape the decisions those companies make, and how both impact the world we share.

Let’s drive change for good, together.
Episode 04 airs September 30, 2020.
Episode 04 aired September 30, 2020.
The series finale is up next.
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Meet the Visionaries

Portrait of Bill Stark
Bill Stark
President, Cognition Foundry
Portrait of Karim Giscombe
Karim Giscombe
President & Founder, Plant AG
Portrait of Jason Kelley
Jason Kelley
General Manager, Blockchain Services, IBM
Portrait of Haoyun Erin Zhao
Haoyun Erin Zhao
Multidisciplinary artist using interactions of color, shape and material to explore perceptions of environments
Sustainability is about maintaining balance. It's about understanding that everything is connected.
— Haoyun Erin Zhao, artist
Artworks by Haoyun Erin Zhao in a gallery
Close-up of artworks by Haoyun Erin Zhao
Haoyun Erin Zhao in a gallery with her artworks
Close-up of an artwork by Haoyun Erin Zhao
Four artworks by Haoyun Erin Zhao
Gallery sign where Haoyun Erin Zhao explains her art

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Episode 05

Driving end-to-end efficiency

Ninety percent of all goods move along international shipping routes. Throughout most of those journeys, disparate systems often don’t talk to each other, forcing delays and missteps that can impact the entire supply chain.

But with blockchain, supply chain participants are replacing manual legacy processes, reducing friction and remediating disputes faster than ever before.

In this episode, you’ll hear how packaging company Sonoco ThermoSafe is using blockchain to help prove supply chain conditions meet requirements for their temperature-controlled packaging. And hear from leaders of GTD Solution and IBM on how TradeLens® – the blockchain-enabled digital shipping platform – is helping businesses gain radical new levels of efficiency across supply chains.

Also see how contemporary painter, illustrator and muralist John Osgood depicts blockchain's ability to better trace, track and speed the journey of everyday items on their route from manufacturers to distributors to retailers to consumers.

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Episode 05 airs October 14, 2020.
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Meet the Visionaries

Portrait of Christopher Day
Christopher Day
Director of Marketing & Innovation, Sonoco ThermoSafe
Portrait of Raj Rao
Raj Rao
GM, Industry Platforms (Distribution), IBM
Portrait of Vivian Berni
Vivian Berni
Director of Product Management, Sonoco ThermoSafe
Portrait of John Osgood
John Osgood
Contemporary painter, illustrator, muralist, anthropological collector and documenter
Portrait of Alison Clafin
Alison Clafin
Director of Business Development, GTD Solution
I believe a parallel between IBM Blockchain and my artwork is starting from chaos and then getting to a final point. There can be an answer.
— John Osgood, artist
Painting by John Osgood
Close-up of a truck in a painting by John Osgood
Close-up of a face in a painting by John Osgood
John Osgood portrait
John Osgood pointing out a detail in his painting
Gallery sign where John Osgood explains his art

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