Presenting more control for your blockchain for business experience

Innovators everywhere are creating value and disrupting industries with the IBM Blockchain Platform. With blockchain software, services, tools and sample code, it’s everything you need to create, test, govern and manage a working blockchain network, accelerating the creation of blockchain applications in a variety of cloud environments.

In addition, the completely reimagined IBM Blockchain Platform Free 2.0 Beta offers a Kubernetes-based architecture for deployment flexibility, updated developer tools, a centralized user interface to deploy and manage components and more. Purchase the amount of compute you need to scale up or down based on network requirements.

Welcome to the fast, flexible way to deploy blockchain solutions

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Get started easily

We make it easy to get started on your blockchain journey with streamlined network setup and a full suite of industry templates, demos, developer and governance tools, and more.

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Govern and scale with ease

Activate your network on a platform that grows with you, featuring always-on operations to support business workloads. Set network rules, update members, deploy smart contracts and more.

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Develop breakthrough applications

Leverage the Hyperledger Fabric SDK, AI, IoT, data analytics, integration capabilities and more to build innovative applications for your blockchain network.

Deploy where it makes sense for you

Different solutions can have different business requirements. With the IBM Blockchain Platform, we give you your choice of deploying them in a cloud, on multiple clouds or on-premises.

Introducing IBM Blockchain Platform Free 2.0 Beta

Experience the next generation of the leading blockchain for business platform

Design your network with total control

• Deploy only the blockchain components you need
• Maintain complete control of your identities, ledger and smart contracts
• Connect a single peer to multiple networks to quickly join other industry networks

Govern distributed networks with security and ease

• Simplify and streamline management of all network components with a redesigned console
• Use monitoring and governance tools for network components across IBM Kubernetes Service (other Kubernetes-based services coming soon)
• Coming soon: Connect to nodes running in any environment (on-premises, public and hybrid clouds)

Grow your network faster and easier

• Start small and grow as you scale –no upfront infrastructure commitments or investment
• Leverage simplified DevOps to move from development to test to production in a single environment
• Seamlessly integrate smart contract development and network management

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Accelerate to production with your choice of flexible plans

IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan

Have an IBM Blockchain Platform Enterprise Plan and need an environment for development and testing, or want dedicated support? We recommend the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan.

What’s included

✔ Rolling migrations with no network outages
✔ All Hyperledger Fabric features and capabilities
✔ Deploy and run blockchain apps
✔ Multiple organization simulation


✔ Same UI as production plans
✔ Governance tooling
✔ Industry code samples
✔ 24x7x365 Support (Fee)

IBM Blockchain Platform Enterprise Plan

Scale for production with the IBM Blockchain Enterprise Plan. Get all the features of Starter Plan, plus everything you need for a full production environment including HSM availability, fault tolerant ordering service, added layers of security and premium support options. $1000 per month, plus $1000 per month for each peer deployed.

What’s included

✔ Simple migration from Starter Plan
✔ Industry code samples
✔ Rolling migrations with no network outages
✔ All Hyperledger Fabric features and capabilities
✔ Deploy and run blockchain apps
✔ Advanced secure container technology


✔ Multiple organization simulation
✔ Fault tolerant ordering service and CA
✔ Production environment for mid-size networks
✔ Governance tooling
✔ Ability to scale
✔ Hardware security module
✔ 24x7x365 Support (Fee)

IBM Blockchain Platform for IBM Cloud Private

Unlock blockchain value in different cloud environments with IBM Blockchain Platform for IBM Cloud Private. You can now deploy the IBM Blockchain Platform anywhere IBM Cloud Private is supported, including on-premises environments. Examples include deploying on a private cloud behind your firewall to meet data residency requirements, as well as deploying a distributed peer or your entire network on a third-party public cloud of your choice. Contact IBM for availability and pricing.

What's included

✔ Hyperledger Fabric 1.2 features and capabilities
✔ Individual Kubernetes helm charts for Peer (ledger), Certificate Authority and Ordering Service
✔ Documented common deployment patterns
✔ Integration with IBM Blockchain Platform Starter and Enterprise Plans
✔ Ability to deploy the full Hyperledger Fabric network or just a peer (ledger)


✔ Instance and features of IBM Cloud Private v3.1.0
✔ Data can reside behind the firewall
✔ Compute isolation
✔ Technical Support with Enterprise Edition
✔ Community Edition – Free for exploration, development and testing available through Github

IBM Blockchain Platform for AWS

Are you an AWS user or interested in a multi-cloud architecture for your blockchain network? The IBM Blockchain Platform is available for users who predominantly use AWS or want to deploy peers on multiple clouds. The newly launched AWS Quick Start makes it easier to deploy a distributed peer on the AWS Cloud, connected to your IBM Blockchain Platform network.

What’s included

✔ Hyperledger Fabric 1.2 features and capabilities
✔ AWS CloudFormation template for a peer (ledger)
✔ Compute isolation
✔ Free version is provided with community support only


IBM Blockchain for AWS currently supports peer (ledger) only deployments on AWS. It is available at no cost.

The IBM Blockchain Platform is transforming industries

IBM Food Trust™

The only blockchain network connecting growers, processors, distributors, and retailers through a permissioned, permanent, and shared record of food system data.


The open and neutral supply chain platform underpinned by blockchain technology, promoting efficient, predictable and secure information exchange around the world.

Thirteen European banks have collaborated on a blockchain solution to transform trade finance — and even trade itself – for small- and medium-sized buyers and sellers.

Join the power of many

Blockchain networks are already transforming how business operates through the power of shared, permissioned data.

What’s your potential ROI with IBM Blockchain?

We commissioned a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report to help you identify the cost, benefits, flexibilities and risk factors of working with IBM Blockchain. The research is based on Forrester’s TEI methodology, financial model framework and case studies, plus interviews with IBM Blockchain stakeholders and customers. Register now to watch our latest webinar and read the report to project your cost savings and the business benefits of working with IBM Blockchain.

Resources to grow your business ideas

Align blockchain technology to your business needs

Learn the secrets of effective enterprise blockchain adoption through early collaboration across teams.

The Founder’s Handbook

Blockchain brings organizations together. Learn how other network founders have successfully launched their collaborations.

The Unbounded Registry

Register, look up, join and transact across a variety of blockchain solutions built to interoperate with all of today’s popular distributed ledger technologies.

What will we solve together?