Create powerful blockchain apps for Salesforce with ease

The IBM Blockchain Platform™ for Salesforce brings you the immediate insights you need to build and maintain business — all from within your Salesforce environment. There are already hundreds of successful IBM Blockchain Platform client engagements and dozens of networks producing tangible business results. Benefits include tools that cut activation time by two-thirds, the security of the IBM Cloud, and the ease-of-use to help make any developer a blockchain developer. You can be running blockchain customized for Salesforce in just two steps.

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Step 1: Sign up for IBM Blockchain Platform

Begin building your network with IBM Blockchain Platform, which offers a one-click setup, easy-to-use UI that reduces your network administration and governance time, an iterative development platform, and basic service levels for pilot evaluation or pre-production POCs. It includes a fully functional kick-starter network and informational tutorials.

What’s included

✔ One-click setup

✔ Rolling migrations with no network outages

✔ All Hyperledger Fabric features and capabilities


✔ Multiple organization simulation

✔ Same UI as production plans

✔ Governance tooling

✔ Industry code samples

✔ 24x7x365 support (Fee)


Step 2: Install the beta version of the exclusive IBM Blockchain Platform for Salesforce Connector

After setting up your IBM Blockchain Platform membership, come back to this page to install the IBM Blockchain Platform for Salesforce Connector. The Connector creates an IBM Blockchain Platform tab in Salesforce, making it easy to import and connect the blockchain apps you build.

Be part of the vanguard developing blockchain applications and using the beta Connector to integrate your apps with Salesforce.  But please be aware that the beta Connector has only email support during the beta period.

Engineered for your network’s full lifecycle


Develop applications with ease

Leverage Hyperledger open-source blockchain software from the Linux Foundation, a collaboration by over 250 companies to create the world’s first and only enterprise-ready blockchain technology.

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Govern your network

Save time with policy-based governance tools for decentralized network activation and management.

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Operate your network

Rely on always-on operations to support business workloads, update network members, smart contract code, Hyperledger Fabric versions and more without downtime.

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Ready to transform your business process?

Work with IBM Blockchain experts who understand your industry, its processes, and Salesforce to design and build blockchain networks that can streamline your operations and unlock new business opportunities.

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